Explore what's new about Rollercoin, the mining game that pays real cryptocurrencies

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Key facts: Rollercoin will allow withdrawals in TRX, the cryptocurrency of the Tron network. The game is profitable, but it requires time, money and perseverance. Rollercoin is a Bitcoin mining game or simulator that allows you to create your own mining farm and allocate (fictitious) electrical energy to “mine” any of the tokens they offer. It is a game committed to innovation, as it constantly incorporates new models and designs of mining equipment, new thematic seasons and innovative mechanics in its gameplay. Below, we present the latest news and events of interest from Rollercoin:

TRX Withdrawal Party

You participate in the withdrawal party by mining and withdrawing TRX. Source: Rollercoin Gleam With the news that Rollercoin will allow the cryptocurrency to be withdrawn from the Tron (TRX) network Users can participate for a share of a pool of 1,000 USDT and 1,700 RLT. To participate, users must mine and withdraw TRX, in addition to completing a form. The 20 best TRX miners in Rollercoin will be awarded. RLT is the in-game token and is used to purchase Rollercoin assets: mining machines, season passes, and more.

Season 12 of Rollercoin: Roman Empire has begun

The season brings new Roman Empire-themed mining machines through the season pass, which is priced at 99.95 RLT. It is also possible to acquire all mining rigs and rewards in one go with a single payment of 549.9 RLT. This is how Rollercoin describes its new season:

Prepare to be transported back to gladiator battles and epic quests! Walk the streets of Rome, bask in the glory of the Colosseum and mine cryptocurrencies like a true Roman hero! Rollercoin, cryptocurrency mining simulator.

This season also brings daily quests that reward fractions of RLT and experience. The experience allows you to advance in achieving the rewards of the season pass, both Gold and free. For its part, the rewards of the free pass include temporary increases in mining power, small mining machines and RST or seasonal tokens.

Rollercoin can educate you on the basics of cryptocurrency mining. Source: Rollercoin

Assemble a 20,500,000 Gh/s super mining machine.

The special mining machine gives 7% mining bonus. Source: Rollercoin This event consists of gathering 9 musical instruments with which to make a super mining machine called “The Freddy Show”, which has a power of 20,500,000 Gh/s.

The instruments necessary to assemble the supermachine can be acquired in different ways. Some can be manufactured with parts from the Rollercoin marketplace; others can be found in special limited-time sales, such as the Reggae Sale or the Techno Sale. You can visit the following post to find out where to get each of the machines to assemble “The Freddy Show”.

Can you make money with Rollercoin?

Yes, Rollercoin is a profitable game, but as long as you manage to advance and participate long enough to recover your investment and make profits. Rollercoin mining rewards the longest users. If you take a look at the ranking of the best Rollercoin players you can see that, on average, most of them have been playing the game for more than two years and that all of them have been playing for at least a year.

Experience time rewards in real mining and Rollercoin. Source: Rollercoin Rollercoin is a free-to-play game. That is, you can play without investing anything and still win money. However, the free route is quite demanding in time and effort, since it requires not only connecting every day, but engage with a long series of mini-games to raise the hash power of our farm. The paid route is, therefore, the most profitable in terms of money and time playing. If you want to create an account on Rollercoin and try this mining simulator, access the platform through the following link. For more complete information about this mining simulator, you can read the review about Rollercoin published by BitcoinDynamic.