Why would anyone pay millions for the smallest fraction of Bitcoin?

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Key Facts: In addition to the epic sat, the ViaBTC pool earned over 40 BTC for mining the halving block. A common satoshi currently has an average price of $0.00065. One Satoshi (sat) is the unit of measurement used to describe the smallest denomination of bitcoin, where 1 Sat is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC, which, at the moment, represents around $0.00065. However, this April 25, a rare sat, also called “epic sat,” was auctioned for a staggering 33.3 BTC. That is equivalent to about $2.13 million at the exchange rate in effect at the close of the auction. Given this, the question many ask is: what made the buyer spend millions on a sat that was normally worth less than a tenth of a cent? The answer to the question is established in the Theory of Ordinals proposed by developer Casey Rodarmor. Thanks to it now it is possible to determine a different value for satoshis and turn them into collector's items. This will happen from now on with the halving sats, which were classified as epic by Rodarmor. It is estimated that about 32 epic sats will be mined in all coded reductions on the network. Hence, since the sat mined by ViaBTC in block 840,000 that activated the halving on April 19 is included in that list, the pool has decided to put it up for auction. “The general public has a great interest in collecting valuable items,” said the CoinEx team that organized the auction. And they were right. According to the results of the official event site, Those interested in keeping the epic sat presented 34 offers which started from a minimum price of 1 BTC. The second highest bid was 20 BTC. «Since satoshis are assigned unique identifiers, some inherently possess greater collectible value. As periodic events continue to occur within the Bitcoin network, some sats will be segregated due to their scarcity,” CoinEx added. Thus considers this auction «one of the most valuable in history». As reported by this medium, ViaBTC put the rare satoshi up for sale after briefly consulting the community about the fate of the sat. To this end, the sat of the fourth halving was segregated and identified with the number 1,968,750,000,000,000. The intention is to start a new form of community participation at important events related to Bitcoin. “This auction pioneers a new trading event model, making CoinEx an exchange industry pioneer for epic sat auction,” the organizers conclude. It should be added that, with the sale of the epic sat, valued at 33.3 BTC, the fourth reduction in Bitcoin rewards left the ViaBTC mining pool profits exceeding 70 bitcoins. This, taking into account that the halving block not only obtained the 3.5 bitcoins corresponding to the already reduced mining reward, but also earned an additional 37.6 BTC in transaction fees. The figure earned by the pool is substantial and came from the increase in operations that occurred amid the activation of the Runes protocol. As the BitcoinDynamic Cryptopedia points out, it is a token standard that facilitates the creation and transaction of fungible tokens in Bitcoin. In this way, it allows developers and users to generate stablecoins, memecoins or other exchangeable assets representative of decentralized finance (DeFi).