TON boosts its memecoin ecosystem

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Meme cryptocurrency fever has hit the TON network with “Memelandia,” dubbed as a “cultural hub for memecoins and community tokens” within its ecosystem. TON (acronym for The Open Network) seeks to clean up the image of those crypto assets that it claims “have a bad reputation among institutional actors and rarely receive support or even recognition.” Hence They want to fight “against this stigma and recognize them”, indicates the TON blog. In this sense, the TON Foundation launched “The Open League” in its ecosystem, a long-term incentive program for users, projects, teams and TON traders with the goal of distributing 30,000,000 units of toncoin (TON) in 3 months. There, selected communities will participate in a competitive exhibition for rewards and compete to win the contest for the main meme currency in TON. First of all, there is the incentive option for users, which is divided into three categories: easy, intermediate and expert. In the «easy» category Simple tasks such as logging in daily to selected projects are completed for the ecosystem. This is followed by “intermediate”, which is where users must predict which TON projects in the ecosystem are going to qualify for a final series. If they get it right they will win prizes in TON. Finally, there is the expert category in which, to participate, the user must choose the project that they like the most in the competition. You can do this based on project information or the approximate annual percentage return. You must purchase the TON cryptocurrency and add the project to the liquidity pool. As you begin to provide liquidity, will generate rewards in Toncoin and project tokens to users. It is important to keep in mind, as indicated by Criptopedia, the educational section of BitcoinDynamic, that the majority of memecoins are made based on Internet jokes or for speculative purposes, but they don't have a true value proposition. Therefore, just as they tend to increase in price easily, they also tend to lose their value quickly and unpredictably.

TON helps create memecoins

As part of the meme cryptocurrency push, the TON Foundation also allows users to create their own memecoins. “Launching a meme coin on TON would now be more accessible than ever and would not require coding experience,” it details. According to what was explained, communities can design and create their project without code, using open source templates or start from scratch, using options according to your knowledge and skill. After creating the token, developers must choose its future, for example by launching it through a pre-sale or through airdrops, or giving it some utility through the creation of a «mini application» on Telegram.