Runes arrive in Bitcoin wallets and exchanges

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Two days have passed since the Runes protocol was activated in Bitcoin, which allows the creation of fungible tokens in the network of the pioneering digital asset. And, since then, several platforms have already incorporated the new release from Casey Rodarmor, also the developer of Ordinals. At the time of writing this report, 6 wallets have already enabled support for Bitcoin Runes, the protocol that arrived together with the fourth halving, last Friday, April 19, 2024, at block 840,000, as planned. These are UniSat, BitGet, Xverse, Leather, OKX Wallet and Bitrue; wallets that, from day one, indicated that users can operate with Bitcoin Runes directly from their platforms. In parallel, cryptoasset exchange platforms also joined the Runes or runes movement in Spanish. This is the case of BitGenie, in which It is now possible to trade these new alternative tokens on the Bitcoin network. Likewise, the OKX marketplace allows you to create, mint, manage and exchange runes. Even currently, operations can be carried out without a fee on mobile devices, as they announced in a statement. Magic Eden, the Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace, is added to the previous entities. His team launched a platform through which users you can exchange bitcoin and buy Runes and Ordinals through the wallet of the buying and selling site. The launch of the platform was announced ahead of schedule, as it was initially scheduled for April 23. As indicated, on this site They will be able to monitor cryptocurrency exchanges, so that users get a better view of the Runes investments they want to make. As defined by the BitcoinDynamic Cryptopedia, Bitcoin Runes are a standard that allows the creation and transaction of fungible tokens on the network. It is a protocol similar to Bitcoin's BCR-20, through which developers and users can generate stablecoins, memecoins and other assets representative of decentralized finance. Since its launch, this protocol has captured the attention of the community and has begun to show that it is in demand. As shown by Rune Alpha statistics, more than 7,900 runes have been engraved with more than 98,000 holders.