TradedWell is a broker that arrived in 2021, however, despite being relatively new, it has already positioned itself in the world of online operations and is considered a market leader, since it is chosen by many traders for carry out its operations, having as a priority the security of your data, innovation and the possibilities of obtaining positive results.

In order for its clients to continue making their way into the world of trading, this broker has set out to create an individual investment style for each trader, providing them with different tools, taking into account all levels of experience and knowledge about financial markets, making them Regardless of the user’s category, they can operate correctly and are more likely to achieve their objectives.

The purpose of TradedWell is to provide efficient and avant-garde technological instruments so that traders can develop their operations in a personalized way, taking both the information and the tools that are useful to solve their doubts about the market and can operate actively.

The question that has arisen is, What are the reasons why a new broker has become a leader, what is its secret? Our responsibility in Forex Trading, where we conduct research to offer the most complete and honest information to our readers, is to figure it out. For this reason, we decided to make a review about TradedWell, to solve all your doubts and expose the characteristics and particularities of this intermediary.

What are the characteristics of TradedWell?

  • It uses state-of-the-art technology in its trading platform.
  • Its platform provides security in that the suggestions and instruments it provides to traders are in accordance with the regulations.
  • It has market analysis tools and exclusive access to them, ensuring a unique experience and great development possibilities.
  • It has an educational center with training materials such as articles, online courses, e-books, news, videos and tutorials that will help you to learn about and learn about financial topics that you do not know or about which you feel that you still know very little.
  • TradedWell Provides multilingual assistance, investment operations, as well as access to CFDs on assets at any time and device of your choice.

How is TradedWell performing on hte markets?

TradedWell offers different ways to operate in the market. The underlying assets you own and the benefits of making use of them with this broker are described below:

Cryptocurrency Diversity: This is a highly volatile market and has become one of the most exciting and sought after. With this broker, the trader can trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more than 30 of the most popular on the market without the need to own them, since he can negotiate and speculate on their price.

In the same way, this broker offers operations without deposit commission, safe currencies to avoid falsification, encrypted data, without fee policies, first-class professional advisors at your disposal, analysis and interactive tools and access to trading from devices such as computer, mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to have complete control of your operations.

The main raw materials: Raw materials or commodities are a market that, despite having been around for a long time, continues to be in force and is the preferred market for those who wish to diversify their portfolio. With TradedWell, the trader can trade CFDs on more than 20 basic goods, both hard and soft, among which are the best known in the market such as oil , gold , coffee , cocoa , natural gas and others. .

Tradedwell offers the possibility of obtaining a personalized account, various trading options, the ability to choose between various assets, unique trading opportunities, zero restrictions on open trades or the sum of deposits, zero hidden fees or charges, and analytical instruments. efficient and flexible trading environment.

Shares of companies around the world: Although this market carries certain risks, it has high volatility and also has many benefits if you keep up with the market. With TradedWell, the trader can trade CFDs on the stocks of the companies that are at the top, such as Tesla, Apple, Uber, Netflix , and dozens of other stocks, taking advantage of the trading opportunities that arise, making predictions about the fluctuations in their value and without the need to directly own the shares.

In addition, this broker enables customization of analysis tools, access to your trading history anytime, anywhere, without hidden fees, and customer service agents ready to help.

Internationally Featured Indices: This market encompasses much of the international market compared to independent stocks. With this broker, the trader has the possibility of trading CFDs on the most recognized indices in the market, speculating on the price change of indices such as NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE100, S & P100 , among others.

In addition, it is possible to increase your resistance to market risk through creating a stable asset, and increasing efficiency by choosing an index that covers several companies rather than having to choose between all listed companies, as well as access to the negotiation in the device that you prefer, professional attention and without extra charges.

The Most Desired Metals: With TradedWell it is possible to trade CFDs on precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and others of the most popular in the financial market without buying or having them directly, since it is enough to speculate on the change in value metal of your choice to diversify your portfolio in a solid way, having control of your portfolio of operations, resisting inflation, without limits with respect to open operations or the sum of deposits, with more than 60 analytical tools and the ability to access the market from your computer, phone, or any other device.

The renowned Forex market : This is one of the most volatile, substantial and extensive online markets, with a global reach. Perform currency trading through CFDs on the most famous currency pairs, whether major, minor or exotic, such as EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD and more than 45 currency pairs, with large trading volume, speculating on the price change of whichever pair you choose, and taking it as an opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

What is the platform through TradedWell operates?

This broker operates through one of the most requested platforms in the world of online trading: WebTrader . This allows you to access the market through one click, without installing or downloading any program, allowing the trader to operate from his favorite browser, with powerful technological tools, his balance in real time, trading history, multilingual service, Stop functions Loss / Take Profit, synchronization with the trading environment, custom charts, analysis tools, live chat and keeping you updated on the latest news from the financial markets.

TradedWell also has a mobile App, available on both Google Play and the App Store . Among the benefits of having this application on your device is the fact of having control of your operations, updated information on market changes, not missing out on making any offers, personalized trading habits, market news, Stop Loss functions / Take Profit, see your balance in real time and the possibility of trading CFDs on more than 170 assets.

What are your trading accounts?

  • Silver: For those who are starting in the world of trading. This account covers: currency leverage for the 1:30 retail fee, currency leverage for the professional account 1: 200, a specialized account manager, newsletters, and EUR / USD / GBP as available currencies.
  • Gold: Created by TradedWell for those who already have some experience in the world of online trading. Among its features are: 1:30 Currency Leverage for Retail Account, 1: 400/1: 500 Currency Leverage for Professional Account, Specialized Account Manager, Custom Newsletters, Free VPS, Fifth Decimal, 25% swap discount and EUR / USD / GBP as available currencies.
  • Platinum: For Freelance Traders, Your Benefits Are: 1:30 Retail Account Currency Leverage, 1: 400 Professional Account Currency Leverage, A Specialized Account Manager, Up-to-Date and Personalized Investment News, Free VPS , fifth decimal place, 50% swap discount and EUR / USD / GBP as available currencies.

Also, you can become a TradedWell affiliate and have benefits such as specialized marketing material prepared by the team of professionals, personalized plan, full payment system, beneficial conversion rate, excellent commission plans and remuneration of up to $ 800 for each new operator. that you trade with the broker thanks to your recommendation.

How can you start trading with TradedWell?

To open an account with this intermediary you just have to follow the next step by step. It is an easy process and it will not take long.

  • The first step is to click on the Open an account tab , located on the official website of the broker.
  • Next, fill in the required personal information, including name, surname, email, telephone number and a password that you will use to enter.
  • The next thing is to provide the information they request.
  • Answer the Questionnaire , from which a team of professionals will recommend the type of account that suits your trading characteristics.
  • Upload the requested documents to verify your identity.
  • Make an initial deposit to start trading.

That’s it, you can now trade with TradedWell.

Despite being so recent, why do traders choose it?

  • This broker is under the iTrade Global (CY) Ltd brand, which has a cross-border CySEC license, and is therefore authorized to provide investment services.
  • It is regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission , which is in charge of supervising companies that provide investment services in Cyprus, and which participates in the Board of Supervisors of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) .
  • This means that the broker has all the licenses and regulations required to operate, which guarantees the security of your data and the information of your operations.
  • Despite being a relatively new broker, it has earned the trust of traders thanks to its complete portfolio of services, the complete technological tools it offers and its innovative proposal.
  • Its educational center is focused on the training of traders through the design and creation of material such as tutorials, courses, online books, among others that are of help to understand the topics and mechanisms that they do not know.

Is TradedWell Legit or Scam?

After exhaustively researching TradedWell and the services it offers, Forex Operations concludes that it is safe to operate through this intermediary, since it is regulated and offers innovative elements for all types of operations, as well as information and personalized assistance for all types. of traders, from beginners to advanced. If you want to know more about this broker or start operating with it, you can go to its official page where you will find more information, and where you can do the simple and fast process to become an affiliate.

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