Digitex Futures is a futures trade that offers operators a fluid and reliable enterprise enjoy, without charging expenses.

It is a platform able to decreasing limitations for retail traders, permitting them to speculate on cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks and bonds with small amounts of funds. And Digitex is not just an alternate of futures with out commissions. It is a place where every person has a higher hazard than each person else to acquire economic freedom, through becoming a a success trader Thus, without a mechanical gain that works against them, excessive-frequency and occasional-extent traders and short-term resellers can without difficulty make a dwelling with the accumulation of small earnings over the years.

This is why Digitex Futures does now not charge commissions

Being one in every of its primary traits, it’s far ordinary for users to surprise why Ditex Futres does now not charge commissions. The solution is that, not like many different exchanges that price excessive commissions or hide their “charge-free” version in different hidden costs, in this platform the pastimes are aligned with the operators. That is, the employer isn’t continuously diverting money from the liquidity organization within the shape of commissions and other hidden expenses, so the money stays in the trade surroundings wherein a success traders earn it.

This is feasible thanks to a token issuance revenue model, in which Digitex Futures seeks exactly similar to its customers: a constantly increasing token price, due to the fact this is how the trade reasons money to cowl its expenses. By casting off the conventional runner and putting off the layers of complexity that save you capability operators from entering the sport, every body has the identical possibilities in Digitex Futures. Commercial revel in or place are irrelevant in this platform, which produces winners no matter their starting place or how a lot they invest.

More massive traders equals more winners. And the greater there is, the greater the change additionally wins. And it’s far that by using creating a stage gambling subject wherein all operators have the identical odds, disciplined operators are much more likely to win at Digitex than in every other Bitcoin futures trade.


The DGTX token is the local forex and the essential element of the Digitex Futures alternate. It is a software token and the best passport for the exchange, so whoever needs to take part in the platform have to very own this cryptocurrency. This is because all the gains and losses in the exchange, in addition to the account balances, are denominated in DGTX. Because Digitex is the only trade of futures that gives operations without commissions, the dependence of the exchange on the DGTX token creates a demand among operators that, in line with the laws of deliver and call for, will keep the fee of the token. This, together with its usefulness in the Digitex alternate, will work together to assure the liquidity of both the token and the change itself.

There are numerous methods to gather the DGTX, the first is through the Digitex Treasury. It is an ongoing token sale over the next 2.five years that serves to finance the development and operation of the change, at the same time as supplying token holders a secure and clean purchase for a minimal marketplace top rate. This alternative isn’t always to be had to United States citizens. In addition, these tokens may be bought at numerous exchanges called HitBTC, Mercatox, Switcheo and Stex. All you need to do is create an account, deposit some ETH or BTC and then convert them to DGTX. On HitBTC, DGTX can also be bought with USDT.

It is also feasible to buy them at Changelly, in which you could convert any digital forex in DGTX quick using just an electronic mail deal with to create an account. For this, all this is needed is an ERC20 well matched wallet deal with to send the DGTX (consisting of MyEtherWallet) and the deal with in which the ETH, BTC or any other saved virtual asset is held. Digitex is actively working to feature extra approaches to collect DGTX in the destiny, so users depend on the approach that fits them and the amount they need to buy. The total supply of DGTX is a million,000 DGTX tokens, being allotted 70% to the public, 10% to coverage budget, 10% to the treasury and 10% to the group.

Unique model

This Digitex Futures trade version is unique within the futures and crypto space. Trade with 0 price lists attracts extraordinarily active operators inside the very quick time period that create rather liquid markets, using strategies that aren’t feasible in tariff series exchanges and websites.


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