Upgrading from physical casinos to online casinos, most gambling platforms have been greatly influenced by the wave of digital evolution. Many online and physical casinos have joined the digital crowd by introducing the new age digital currency known as cryptocurrencies on their platforms. With advanced crypto based games, gambling is considerably one of the most thrilling and profitable mediums of entertainment. In a list of hundreds of crypto oriented betting websites, CryptoGames has drawn our full attention for its offering of fully advanced architecture. In terms of financial system, it is confidently offering latest and all cool cryptocurrencies to the players. Through a library of device friendly games, any new gambler can hope for the latest gambling experiences at any time at the casino. All players get to engage in the modernized games with the assistance of the casino. Meaning, for all the games it offers, CryptoGames has curated a clear guideline for the users. In this review, we will be describing what we found in the games, financial system and the policies the casino offers. And at the end, we will conclude the review with our final impressions.

Inside of CryptoGames

The casino is a fine creation of MuchGaming BV which is a Curacao based company. CryptoGames has become a part of the new dimension in online casinos by offering smooth entertainment using Cryptocurrencies in a large variety alongside new age transaction systems. It started with a compact list of offered cryptocurrencies at first to ensure the topmost quality for its system. Now offering 10 different cryptocurrencies, the casino runs smoothly with lightweight architecture and became one of the most sought after casinos online. It also earned the reputation by being the first online casino to enable all kinds of transactions using Solana. The use of fast age cryptocurrencies like Solana enhances the gambling experience to greater extent for so many new online gamblers. There other cool cryptocurrencies like the Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Lite, etc. All the 10 cryptocurrencies are offered with low house edges, that are perfect for beginner level crypto gamblers. Especially since not many gambling websites offer profitable house edges for the players. To ensure long-term crypto betting experiences for all the players this thoughtful detail matters a lot. On top of that, there are unique policies in terms of entertainment and responsible gambling for all the players.

Starting with its library of 9 Games, we have listed every element you can find inside the casino-


The crypto version of the famous Dice game appears as the first game offered through the Play Now tab on the header of the website. Clicking on the tab will direct the players to the game’s home page where they will find a great winning fidelity of  0.000 – 99.999. They will also find the opportunity to win the amazing progressive Jackpots by meeting a few given rules. The main goal of the game will be completed if a player is correct in predicting the outcome of their bets. Which means the condition they chose for their dice is a correct one. For all winning rolls the jackpot requirements can be checked. Dice also has the cool auto bet feature along with useful shortcuts to use from the keyboard.


A spinning wheel of 37 numbers and a zero makes the offered version of European Roulette at CryptoGames. The game looks so aesthetically pleasing that it has the ability to make the players feel as if they are at a physical casino. European Roulette has a profitable payout table that is offered with a very reasonable house edge. The payout table is same as the American version of a Roulette. The game can be won if the ball thrown into the spinning wheel lands into one of the numbers you have chosen as the neighbour bet. Before you spin the wheel, you must choose what numbers on the betting table or mat you think would appear in the result. Then according to that, you can place as many bets as you would like. There is also an option to choose one of the four auto settings for placing the neighbour bets.


One of the highly loved beginner level casino games is the Slot. At CryptoGames, players will be able to play experience a highly lucrative architecture of the game along with great winning possibility. Out of the 7 profitable combinations given for the 5 symbol reels, if any one comes up after a spin, the player can win the game. The main goal of the game only be won if a player ends up with the combinations. Since there are 7 different combinations, there’s a great chance that a spin can be fruitful for your bets. The objective of the game doesn’t require you to earn any exact order for the combinations. Rather it allows you to have a winning bet as soon as the given symbols in the combinations line up in the middle of the slot machine. There is an auto bet feature for the game. Each one of the combinations will have their own payout amounts.


The famous card game comes in an unfailingly attractive crypto version that has all the elements any beginner level card player will surely love. The classic version which is also known as 21 is reflected in the design of the modern game. Here the players choose from four different actions to build the best hand they possibly can without going over the total amount 21. The four options are called Deal, Split, Double down, and Surrender. The crypto version of the game is great for beginners as they can play with the help of the guidelines and Play Money. Using the two they can come up with their own ideas as to how they can avoid crossing 21 points at any cost. And also form strategies as to how they will win exactly 21 from drawing their first 2 cards. If the house dealer or the player crosses the total point then the game will end immediately and whoever crossed the amount first, will lose.


Designed to represent the digital version of the classic televised game of Plinko, CryptoGames made sure to reflect the game’s essence from the 80s. In today’s new digital version of Plinko, players get to choose from 4 different coloured balls all carrying different house edges. As the game is inspired to keep the classic design alive, it is played on a pegged pyramid just like it was played in the show The Price is Right. However, the pegged pyramid is designed to be digital thoroughly and consisting different shades of pegs representing the shades of the balls. Which means, all the payout multipliers for the respective colours will be different and shown in their individual shades. The payout slot into which the thrown ball must land into will also be found at the bottom of the pyramid. There will also be a detailed description of the payout table at the game’s home page.

Video Poker

Another card game to explore at CryptoGames is the Video Poker games. Players can choose from the three options known as Bonus Poker, Tens or Better, and Jacks or Better. All of them can help a player enjoy the best poker game experiences. All the options will have their own house edges and payout amounts. The main goal of the game can be won if a player successfully forms a winning combinations with 5 cards. They can do so by holding or keeping any cards after each deal. They can also choose to keep no cards in their hands and deal directly. The game will have a detailed guideline about the value of each card and the payout table will also help the players know how much each hand can pay on a win. So learning about them before they attempt to play the game will be helpful. There is a auto or smart hold system for the game which the players can use to form the combinations.


With entirely changed outlook, the original game of Dice is remodeled in DiceV2. It is the 9th game currently offered at the casino. This modern game has the auto bet feature along with progressive jackpots.The design of the game takes more modern approach paired with the classic objective. DiceV2 can be won by making correct predictions about the roll. In the new design of the game, there is a slider bar that can be used to see and adjust the bet as well as the result. Which means, if the prediction you have made for you bet is correct then your dice will smoothly roll into the green zone set on the bar. Otherwise it will roll outside. Then you will have to roll your dice again for a different setting. If you want to increase or decrease the amount of bet you want to place against the winning chance then simply move the slider to either side of the bar.


The crypto oriented puzzle game is offered with flexible rules and high reward amounts. The players of Minesweeper can freely choose the mode of difficulty all on their own. The hardest mode is played on a mine field that consists of only one mine.

Final goal of the game is to successfully clear a 5*5 mine field to win the full reward amount. However, there is an option to withdraw collected reward amounts at any point of the game as long as no mine is hit. The game has no scope of error or any hints provided. Which means, if any mine is hit then they will lose the game then and there. Minesweeper has a very attractive outlook and is super easy to understand as well as master. Players can try to earn as many rewards as they can and cash out as soon as they reach a certain amount. This will help them to earn decent amounts gradually but surely.


Drawing of lottery tickets is one of the most classic and thrilling games in gambling. Although the game has evolved a lot since the beginning, the latest versions of it can be seen in modern casinos. At CryptoGames, Lottery is offered with crypto rewards and has been one of the effortless games to wager the crypto funds with. With 0 house edge the game is conveying the classic of Lottery game. The main goal of the game is fulfilled is your lot or lottery ticket gets drawn in the weekly draw. You can own more than 1 ticket but there is a limit to the number of tickets offered every week for an ongoing round. There can be three winners for each draw and the entire prize money collected from the sales of the tickets will be all handed out to the winners. Unlike other games, CryptoGames only offers Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin for the players.

Coins for the Games 

To provide convenience and flexibility, CryptoGames offers 10 different crypto coins for the users. All of them converted into credits before the games begin and also exchanged through the normal exchange methods. All credit conversion rates are given in the games’ pages and is updated every 10 minutes. Excluding the game of Lottery, all other games can use the 10 cryptocurrencies. The wide range of cryptocurrencies include:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Monero, GAS, Solana and Dash.

The use of Cryptocurrencies and the transaction systems will only be available for fully registered players.

Deposit, Withdraw and Integrated Exchange

 Alongside the available cryptocurrencies, CryptoGames smooth and trouble free transaction system offers deposit, withdrawal and exchanges with flexible methods. All the transactions can be done using two different methods. The normal method and the digital method. In the digital systems offered for the deposits and exchanges, CryptoGames included Onramper and ChangeNow for the users. Onramper is known as a third party fiat currency aggregator that supports fund deposits through a trustworthy credit card deposit system. Players can find a large number of fiat currencies available for use on the website. Onramper promises swift and convenient deposits for players who want to explore the new digital systems for gambling online. Although CryptoGames offers the platform on its website, it urges the players to pass the protocols mentioned at the website of Onramper for all deposits. The other digital system available for the players is known as ChangeNow, the exchange system for cryptocurrencies. While the regular exchange system allows the players to exchange to and from the 10 available cryptocurrencies, ChangeNow allows the players to exchange and cryptocurrencies they use to the 10 available cryptocurrencies on the casino. Which means, even if a players uses a different cryptocurrency than the 10 then they can still exchange the cryptocurrency into any one of the offered cryptocurrencies at CryptoGames. Alongside this, all players can deposit their funds, withdraw or exchange the funds using the regular transaction systems. Opting for the regular system may require additional time for the transactions depending on the system. Players can use the regular methods by creating individual deposit or withdrawal addresses found at Your Account Tab. The list of available e-wallets can be found at the FAQ section of the casino.

Fastest Registration System

Unlike many other online crypto casinos where you must provide all personal information before exploring the system, CryptoGames offers the most unique gambling experience with a safe and fast sign up process. Through the fastest Sign-up process, users can explore the casino by only creating an account with a user name. Which means, you don’t have to provide any other details or information about yourself or anything else to create an account. Once you provide an username, and click to agree all terms and conditions, you will be able to explore the casino as much as you want using the casino’s in house currency called Play Money and get and idea about all the games. After exploring the systems and all the unique elements found at the core of CryptoGames, a player can decide whether or not to provide further information required to start officially gambling at the casino. The whole process of basic registration can take 1 to 2 minutes to complete.

Tight Security

Many gamblers back out from enjoying online betting because of the shady online casinos available all over the internet. These shady casinos have the worst security to offer and little to no guarantee of user data protection. Which is why CryptoGames kept the safety of all the users on board as its first and top priority. To show it in action, it enabled many tight security systems and protocols for all. It offers high level security measures like the two-factor authentication system through Google 2FA application alongside SSL encryption architecture. The two factor authentication system does not allow any withdrawal of rewards without the player’s consent. Which means, in case any attempt is made to withdraw any amount of from the rewards, all players will be notified immediately.

Exclusive Membership and Privileges

While it is sometimes tricky to maintain a highly engaging environment at any online casino, CryptoGames goes one step ahead by offering amazing competitive events among the players. Through healthy competitions, the monthly events reward talented betters with VIP memberships and more privileges for an entire month. To keep the thrill and happening environment alive throughout the year, CryptoGames offers the events every month. Which means, all players can grab their chances of winning the VIP memberships every month. Listed are some of the great privileges a VIP member earns-

  • 0.8% house edge for all their bets in the Dice game.
  • No experience of server delay during bets. No matter how big or small their bet size is there will be a guarantee of no server delay for an entire month.
  • For all their cryptocurrencies, they get better and higher exchange limits.
  • Exclusive access to the chic VIP chatroom where  a VIP member gets to chat with experts and the managers of the casino.
  • Great value monthly vouchers for the VIP members.

Along with most of our aforementioned top elements from the casino, there is also the great reward systems for the users. Through the faucet and the referral programs players get to explore the fun of crypto gambling with sheer excitement. Faucet rewards the players with Play Money from the beginning of their journey and gradually increases the number of requests based on the Player Level of the user. Which means right after you sign up, you can request for a certain amount of Play Money to start playing the games. And on the other hand, the Referral events will reward the players 15% of the house edge of every bet placed by the players who used their referral links. Which means, by sharing the referral links with their friends or any other gambler, a player is guaranteed to earn 15% of the house edge.  This is one of the coolest sides we have found at the casino.

Conclusion of the Review

While the rewards and library of games are all unique and thoughtful, we have also seen that CryptoGames thrives to provide a safe gambling experience at all cost. They always believe in promoting responsible gambling policies before their own profits. Therefore CryptoGames promotes fair policies for all its games. By providing the players with an ability to check all their bet results immediately after they play a game, CryptoGames maintains utmost transparency with the players. They ensure no scopes for cheating or adulterating while bets are placed or processed. The casino also gives detailed information to prevent any kind addiction of gambling. Through their provided helplines in the Responsible Gaming tab, players can seek out help at any given time from professionals. Every big or little element from the casino therefore left us in awe with its capability to entertain the fervent gamblers. Through dedication, they are always ahead of everyone in the gambling industry. So it delights us to share our honest impressions of the casino is absolutely positive and it will be a great place to begin all kinds of crypto gambling experience for anyone interested.

Links of interest

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Forum: https://forum.crypto.games/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CryptoGames/

Blog: https://blog.crypto.games/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Games

BitcoinTalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=750760

Discord: https://discord.gg/Z6tD7kD


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