What is Brokereo?

Brokereo is a trading platform, a regulated online broker that allows you to speculate with more than 300 assets. For this, it makes available to clients more than 20 analysis tools and access to Metatrader 4, a personal assistant and training resources.

As you already know, contracts for difference (CFD) allow us to speculate on the value of an asset, that is, at a given moment we make a forecast of its rise or fall. If this forecast is confirmed, we earn money. As simple as that.

For example, if the price of gold is at $ 1987 dollars and, after conducting the relevant studies and analysis, we conclude that there will be a rise in a short period of time, we can enter this position with an investment and, if this rise occurs, we retire collecting benefits.

If you are an experienced trader you will already know a lot about it. But if you are just starting out, we will also provide you with some tips throughout the article. You may find them useful.

First things first. Is brokereo safe?

Undoubtedly, most readers will agree that a broker must first and foremost be reliable and secure. After all, we are entrusting you with our money. The last thing we want is for it to “disappear” from one day to the next or for mishaps to happen that make us lose the savings that we have worked so hard to gather.

And we already know that the internet is a jungle where you can find anything. But don’t worry, here we are to examine Brokereo with a magnifying glass.

Let’s start with the basics: legality.

Is Brokereo a legal and authorized company?

In order to reliably answer this question, we have conducted a number of in-depth checks. The first step has been to verify that all relevant information is published on the web and that anyone can access it.

brokereo legal documents

Indeed, there is a section in the main menu that takes us to all the available legal documentation. We were surprised to see that everything is published so that you can consult it, something that says a lot in favor of Brokereo. Moreover, all the documents are in english.

Brokereo is legally constituted and has authorization to operate in Europe, which reinforces the guarantees that the user of this type of financial services has.

Customer Support

We have manually checked opening an account and contacting them. The result? A good customer service will provide us with security and confidence. There is nothing better than direct communication, and in this case we have luck.

brokereo custom service

Brokereo has a telephone service, a dedicated line in each country, what makes us feel extremely comfortable. It doesn’t matter where you are, you will always find someone on the other side of the line.

It recently won the Finance Awards 2020

What can you do in Brokereo?

You can trade with tons of assets. We specially want to stress out:

👉 Cryptocurrencies: You can trade from Bitcoin or Ethereum to Ripple or Dashcoin. There are more than 30 currencies available with their corresponding exchange pairs to speculate (euros, dollars and pounds).

The crypto market has unique characteristics. That’s definitely where we want to invest in this broker. It offers very good business opportunities for those who know how to navigate it, since volatility allows very lucrative operations.

cryptocurrencies trades in brokereo

👉 Shares: The shares of the most powerful companies in the world could not be absent, where we can speculate in more than 60 global markets with the flexibility offered by CFDs. If you want to trade with Amazon, Tesla or Apple, here are your assets.

👉 Indexes: Brokereo offers us more than 15 global indices with which to speculate, so we will have the possibility to follow the strategies of expert analysts and apply our forecasts to obtain benefits.

👉 Precious metals: Precious metals could not be missing, basic raw materials to provide stability to our portfolio without having to buy them. Gold has always been an investor’s favorite safe haven, and as such we have a lot of information and statistical data to analyze and guide our operations.

👉 Forex: Finally, the currency exchange market could not be missed. It is the market with the highest annual turnover, and we can access it through a large number of pairs to speculate through CFDs, both with the most popular currencies and with other less common ones.

Brokereo Conclusion and opinions

After this analysis we have fully understood why so many experts recommend Brokereo. We are not surprised at all that they won the European Global Banking & Finance award for the best Forex broker.

Their support and customer service is one of their strongest legs, followed by the easy-to-use platform.

But, above all, it highlights the security and reliability that this broker transmits. If you value sleeping soundly without worries, give them a try.

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