The 20-year-old Argentine content creator and programmer, Lucas Dalto, has launched his own reality show to show that any young person can earn in cryptocurrencies through training and technology in at least six months.

The reality called The Dalto Project aims to encourage more people to get involved in the world of technology, showing that anyone can achieve training and get a job as a developer in just 6 months.

Daltos already has its first three participants, they are: Guillermina Bousoño from Granadero Baigorria, Jonatan Ferrari from Rosario and Diego Barrionuevo from Ciudad Cordova, they were selected in an exclusive event

The three young people will have to move to an apartment in the City of Buenos Aires with all expenses paid. They will be given a notebook with a training program to learn what is necessary to become a web developer for a semester.

In addition, in this period, the participants will go to events, visit companies, live exclusive experiences of the IT world and will be able to delve into what it really means to be a developer, living and knowing the culture of the entire dev world, from the hand of the young YouTuber .

This program designed by Lucas Dalto has an estimated value of around AR$ 2,500,000 between lodging, meals, travel expenses, to attend events, the computer that will be delivered and the training plan.

The object is for each participant to get a job , since they will be ready to start their first professional projects, and to collect their income in stablecoins through Bitwage, the pioneer platform for payment of fees in cryptocurrencies.


This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of companies and people who believe in the importance of generating more equal access to opportunities within the world of technology. Its main collaborator is Bitwage.

“We are very excited to be able to support this interesting initiative (…) We believe that we make the perfect match with the proposal of this project, since in the same way that the Dalto Project does it, we also help more people to have the opportunity to work abroad and live the way they want,” says Ulises Alzogaray, Bitwage’s country manager.

All people interested in collaborating can do so through donations, offering job opportunities, giving access to events, lending a furnished apartment or being a sponsor.


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