Places to spend an extraordinary normal day in Madrid: an oasis of teleworking, trendy cocktails and the best pizza

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When one thinks about rest and leisure, the mind automatically goes to the weekend. It's natural: from the moment we set foot in school we are taught that what goes from Monday to Friday is work, that is, time of effort that means that one can then deserve to enjoy Saturday and Sunday. However, at Madrid Te Enreda we think that a day goes a long way and that even the time dedicated to the most boring tasks can be enjoyed if you know where to do it. We have found the perfect place to telework among trees and large windows, in addition with a coffee and a pastry that will serve as inspiration: Loft. On the way, the best stop you can make is on Ponzano Street, at number 93. There is the Piotta Romana pizzeria, where for only 13 euros you can enjoy a menu of the day with pizzas awarded by the Guinness record. . To end a long day at work, there is nothing better than having a cocktail and listening to some vinyl in a clandestine atmosphere at the new trendy bar, Yeite, next to Plaza España. A great day to enjoy the week.

The ideal place to telework

A waiter serves a coffee at Loft, they say their secret is doing it «with love». LoftLoft (located on Avenida del Pdte. Carmona, 1) is a new cafeteria in Cuatro Caminos that is ideal for teleworking. The place is bright and has large windows that look out onto a linear park full of trees that make customers feel like they are in an oasis. You can go to the place for brunch on the weekend or simply have a coffee, but If you decide to spend more than two hours with the computer, you must spend a minimum of 7.50 euros. All day it is 13.90. Wi-Fi is open and free. What affects you most is what happens closest. To not miss anything, subscribe.SubscribeThe owners of the establishment recommend ordering something from the pastries they make in their own bakery, especially the alfajores and the grilled sandwich on focaccia bread. To drink, the house favorites are the iced caramel latte and the matcha latte. The idea of ​​opening this oasis where you can work comes from Sofía Madrid, 31, and her partners. Madrid arrived from Argentina six years ago and ended up falling in love with the capital, so she decided to stay with her partner. “We want people to be able to come spend the whole day here, work and have a delicious coffee,” she says.

The best pizza in Madrid

Massimiliano Saieva, with Roman pizza.Massimiliano Saieva, with the Roman pizza.Piotta RomanaPiotta Romana (at Ponzano Street, 93) is a pizzeria that specializes in making rectangular-shaped Roman pizzas. They have a menu of the day of pizzas awarded by the Guinness record for 13 euros that includes starter, main course, drink and dessert. The pizza dough is made by one of the pioneers of Roman dough, Massimiliano Saieva, 49 years old, who He has been awarded as the best mentor in the world in the art of these pizzas. Saieva decided to move to Madrid after the pandemic. Previously, he was the co-founder and main instructor of the first Roman Academy in the United States, where he has taught students in more than 15 countries on all continents how to make the best pizzas. The doughs have 72 hours of fermentation, which makes them It makes them much lighter, fluffier and crispier. The house recommendation is the spicy Salamino pizza, the caprese focaccia and the mortadella focaccia. To finish, you have to order the tiramisu or the crispy pizza for dessert. Average ticket: 20 euros.

The fashionable cocktail bar

Atmosphere at the Yeite bar.Atmosphere at the Yeite bar.YeiteYeite (on Calle del Conde Duque, 14) is a new bar in Madrid where vinyl music, cocktails and friends at the bar merge in an almost clandestine atmosphere. It opened less than a month ago and is already on its way to becoming the trendy bar downtown. Behind a single stone bar, where cocktails are prepared, the waiters dance among themselves while interacting with customers. The name of the place comes from a word that, in Argentine slang, is used to refer to a cunning and ingenious trick that, improvised, gives a good result. “We want it to be a place where things happen, where people get to know each other, dance and are not afraid to interact,” says the artist responsible for the place's cocktails, Lucas López Dávalos. To drink, it is recommended to order the champeta, which has a mixture of vodka, palo santo, apple and bubbles that is ideal for summer, and the spritzino, which has aperol, verjus, yogurt, peach and elderberry. In addition, you have to order to snack on the pastrami brioche with herb mayonnaise, the stracciatella with pumpkin in basil oil and the anchovies in butter and brioche. “With Yeite, we have created the bar that we always wanted to enjoy ourselves. Madrid has very high-level options, but Yeite offers a unique combination of music, a festive and intimate atmosphere, and a high-class gastronomic proposal. We are excited to bet on an emerging area like Conde Duque, in which we see enormous potential,” says partner and co-founder Damián Harburguer. Subscribe here to our daily newsletter about Madrid.