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ZCore Announces Farm Horses, NFT Collection That Gives Access to Exclusive Blockchain Club


ZCore, the largest Brazilian crypto and blockchain project, announces the NFT FARM HORSESa collection of digital arts in NFT format that gives buyers access to the ZCore Club, an exclusive blockchain club for crypto lovers.

In addition to owning the digital collectibles, holders have access to benefits that include DeFi credit card with cashback, DeFi farming with exclusive income, participation in events, sweepstakes and more. Furthermore, holders will have voting power to help decide the direction of the project within the scope of a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Horse wearing Brazil shirt, example of NFT from Farm Horses
One of the NFTs in the collection

Following in the footsteps of the famous Bored Ape Yatch Club collection of NFTs, the NFT FARM HORSES will consist of just 10,000 unique units, with varying levels of rarity. The most valuable in the collection are the legendary NFTs – just 20 units with a distinctive look that guarantee, for free, the coveted ZCore Gold metallic credit card, which normally requires a minimum investment of BRL 100,000 on the ZCore platform.

Issued initially on the Ethereum (ETH) network and soon on the ZCore Network (ZCN), the NFTs from the FARM HORSES collection can be moved and traded on popular platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible, giving investors high liquidity to take advantage of asset appreciation.

“The wave of NFTs is here to stay, and the new ZCore Network will already be launched with an advanced NFT market for trading these assets at the best rates in the market and payment via Pix or in various cryptos, continuing our promise to make this medium more accessible to everyone”, says Erick Costa, developer and founder of ZCore.

Starting in July, with the ZCore Network up and running, NFT holders will be able to transfer their assets to the new blockchain and trade in a new independent marketplace that will launch in August. Upon launch, the ZCore Network will already have at least one DeFi protocol (ZCore Finance), an NFT marketplace, a bridge, and several ZRC-20 tokens (still to be announced).

“The arrival of new projects for the ZCore Network shows that developers are interested in the proposal, and want to take advantage of the resources they are creating, such as the possibility of integrating transactions with our ZCore Finance Card”, points out Costa. “The more projects on the network, the greater the benefits for everyone, from users to investors who have already bet on the network”.

How much does it cost and how to buy an NFT FARM HORSES?

farm horses

The 10,000 NFTs from the FARM HORSES collection will be minted for the cost of 2,000 ZEFI during the whitelist and the cost of 3,000 ZEFI on public sale, and each user will be able to purchase the limit of 20 NFTs per wallet.

NFTs can be purchased on the ZCoreClub website with payment in ZEFI, ZBO, WZCR, or any other BNB Chain token, or using ETH on the Ethereum network, all through a proprietary dApp. Interested parties will also be able to purchase NFTs in the ZCore Finance app (Android and iPhone) through the new NFTbyPIX function, using Pix as a payment method.

NFTs are randomly generated in boxes and revealed to the buyer only after the full collection has been marketed – only from there, so the user can find out what art he got and its rarity level. A table with the rarity ranking of the entire Farm Horses collection will be available for consultation on the ZCore Club website.

Burning of ZEFI, ZBO and ZCR

Half of the entire amount raised from the sale of NFTs (with ETH, BNB, other tokens or Pix) will be used to buy and burn ZEFI. With the exception of purchases with ZBO, which will be reverted to ZBO burning.

The remaining 50% will be used to cover mining costs and general funding for the NFTs and the club.

Millions of ZEFI tokens are expected to be withdrawn from circulation. Depending on demand for NFTs and market dynamics, the amount burned could exceed 14 million ZEFI, estimates the ZCore team.

After minting and revealing the NFTs, the amount allocated to Creator Earnings, from the sale of NFTs on Opensea, will be 100% used to buy and burn ZCR on the new ZCore network.


The FARM HORSES collection will be available in phases starting June 29, 2022 via https://club.zcore.network/

  • Whitelist registration: until June 28
  • Sale to whitelist: June 29 and 30
  • Public sale: July 1st

About ZCore

ZCore is a Brazilian project built on the premise that cryptocurrencies and DeFi should be accessible to anyone. The initiative continues a mission that began in 2018, with the launch of the first crypto wallet on Telegram. The project evolved and gained a payment system, then the ZCore Token (ZCRT) and then debuted a DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain, ZCore Finance (ZEFI).

Recently, ZCore also made available the ZCore Finance Card, the world’s first crypto card powered by DeFi tokens, which already has 2,000 active users in its initial launch in Brazil. In July, a new phase opens with the arrival of its own blockchain ZCore Network.

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