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Do you know how to protect yourself from a possible world crisis? What is the best asset to keep as a store of value in this scenario, bitcoin, gold, silver or maybe even food? Today we're going to chat about the precious metals market, physical bills, cryptocurrencies and how you can protect yourself in the midst of a crisis scenario.

Today, Friday (27), at 4 pm on the Cointimes channel, there will be another episode of Conexão Satoshi, in a conversation with Avelino Morganti. Our interviewee has been a crypto holder since 2014, having great experience in this market.

Don't miss this live, we will soon be on the air.

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Also follow the Cortes do Conexão channel, where the best parts of the live are released. For example, you can watch the story of how the Bitfy CEO spent +1200 bitcoins on World of Warcraft.

Black Friday Coingoback

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