The decline that has hit the crypto sector is not set to last for long as the momentum of these assets will end. always by reversing this trend. However, the question that stirs the minds of investors: What cryptocurrencies to buy after the Krash? DeFi Coin attracts a lot of attention after its extraordinary jump (× 10 on the stock market). Should we bet on this crypto after the crash?

DeFi Coin's results are interesting for a crypto that recently went public. Its current price is $ 1.17. Compared to its ICO price, DeFi Coin's value has already increased tenfold. Not long ago, we had put it on our list of the five cryptos for less than a dollar to buy at all. price for the month of July. The DEFC met our expectations. At the time of writing, its price was $ 0.15.

A Uniswap competitor for DeFi tokens is working hard to launch its decentralized trading platform for DeFi tokens. DeFi Coin's exchange was to have almost all of the same functionality as Uniswap but with just one differentiator: the charity wallet. The charity wallet is a wallet that the crypto intends to set up to raise funds to support charitable projects. plans to list nearly 300 DeFi tokens on its platform with the ambition of solving the problem of accessibility of DeFi tokens. Outside of the trading space, has already launched DeFi Coin news, a newspaper devoted to current affairs in the world of decentralized finance. Although the journal has not been updated for a few days, this project still remains a serious support for investors.

Possibility of earning passive income with DEFC

Like Uniswap, DeFi Coin intends to set up liquidity pools on its network in order to better facilitate access to liquidity on its exchange. By providing liquidity in these pools, investors will be able to earn income on their crypto capital. These revenues will come from transaction fees on the platform as well as rewards from LP tokens.

It is worth remembering that DeFi Coins takes a 10% fee on DEFC transactions on its platform. 5% of its costs are redistributed to DEFC Holders and the 5% burned in the burnout process of the platform.

Resilience of cryptocurrency even during industry downturn

DEFC has had a pretty hectic journey in the market. The cryptocurrency has shown that it has the strength to maintain a certain level on the stock market despite the speculative waves. For nearly three days, the crypto has consolidated towards the $ 1. That’s why experts predict it would rise to around $ 2.20 in the not too distant horizon.

In reality, DEFC's price is nowhere near its $ 3 ATH. A level that was sparked by the runaway crypto when it sold for $ 0.10. If DeFi Coin fails to rebound so quickly, it is largely due to the profit taking of early investors.


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