Popularized by Dogecoin, crypto memes keep multiplying! The latest, the Wifedoge has just landed to shake the market with remarkable price performance! But what is this crypto "partner" of Dogecoin?

What is Wifedoge Crypto (WIFEDOGE)?

The Wifedoge crypto was listed only a few weeks ago. As a result, very little is known about this crypto yet. However, the official Wifedoge website provides some information.

So, unsurprisingly, we quickly see that Wifedoge's marketing strategy is backed by Dogecoin. The angle chosen is to say that the Wifedoge is the crypto "wife" of Dogecoin. Besides, their slogan could not be clearer: "The Doge needs a wife, if you like the Doge, please buy wifedoge." "

“Doge, who has been single for many years, has finally found his partner WifeDoge. From then on, Doge is no longer alone and the two love each other forever. Doge hopes that every friend who loves Doge will put his wife in their wallet. With Wifedoge's company, your doge is no longer alone. "

More seriously, the Wifedoge crypto has the following characteristics:

  • Wifedoge buyers can work hard on their assets and earn passive income;
  • The number of Wifedoge tokens is limited via a “burning” mechanism;
  • A portfolio is dedicated to support Wifedoge's partner charities;
  • Wifedoge can be purchased on the Pancakeswap Exchange.

The Wifedoge Crypto Roadmap (WIFEDOGE)

The Wifedoge roadmap provides for four stages with, for each, specific objectives:

  • 1st step: Start
    • Launch of the website and presence on social networks:
    • Publication of the white paper;
    • Private sales and start of pre-sales;
    • Listed on Pancakeswap.
  • 2nd stage: Growth
    • Increased marketing;
    • Listed on CMC and Coingecko;
    • 50,000 investors;
    • Local audit.
  • 3rd step: Transformation
    • Increased marketing;
    • 200,000 Telegram members;
    • 210,000 investors;
    • Setting up of activities intended to make donations to charities.
  • 4th step: Landing on the moon
    • 210 million investors;
    • Largest community in the world;
    • Capitalization of 100 billion

On the side of its course, we can say that the crypto Wifedoge (WIFEDOGE) started with a bang! Indeed, since its inception, the price of the Wifedoge crypto has exploded by more than 250% ! However, its price remains infinitesimal, equal to 0.000000000014 €. With such a course, you risk nothing to put a few euros on it if you are a player. Due to the speculation around the buzz generated, it is likely that the price of this crypto is playing a roller coaster.

However, be aware that many cryptos disappear as quickly as they appear. For now, while Wifedoge’s marketing strategy already looks good, it will take more to position itself as a serious crypto.

While waiting for the Wifedoge to gain credibility and if you are tempted by crypto memes, you can still invest in Dogecoin!


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