Through email, I scrutinized the Judicial Administrator if, because of occasions, there would be any adjustment in the cutoff time for legal approval of the Bitcoin Bank Group recuperation process.

The following is the appropriate response, ipsis literis, while keeping up the features of the message initially got:

“For data, the Bitcoin Group, formed by the organizations BITCURRENCY MONEY DIGITALS SA, NEGOCIECOINS INTERMEDIATION AND ONLINE SERVICES LTDA., Has BTC DIGITAL SERVICES LTDA., MAIN ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT LTDA. OPENCOIS DIGITAL SERVICES LTDA. what’s more, DREAM WORLD INFORMÁTICA LTDA. documented a Judicial Reorganization Action on 11/04/2019, by methods for the case no. 0015989-91.2019.8.16.0185, pending before the first Bankruptcy and Judicial Reorganization Court of Curitiba/PR, in light of Law 11.101/05.

The preparing of the Judicial Reorganization was conceded on 11/27/2019 and, accordingly, there will be a progression of acts to be performed by the offended parties.

Mention that no information enrollment is important with EXM Partners Assessoria Empresarial Ltda., Appointed as Judicial Administrator.

On the off chance that your name/organization name shows up on the rundown of banks put together by the organizations (first rundown of lenders – connected), and is as per the sum and characterization, no activity will be required, however trusting that the procedure will continue. , until a Judicial Reorganization Plan is presented by the recouping organizations and, at the appointed time, assigned the General Meeting of Creditors, when it will be put to the vote, and, being affirmed by most of loan bosses, installments will start as proposed. endorsed.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you don’t concur with the sum recorded in support of you, with the grouping, or if there is any irregularity with the division of the correct holder, considering the principles accommodated in Law 11.101/05, including the greatest permitted date for potential updates and financial amendments (11/04/2019), it is conceivable to submit DIVERGENCE/CREDIT DISPUTES legitimately to this Judicial Administrator, by means of ((email secured)). To this end, the application ought to be quickly outlined with respect to why it comprehends that the expected alteration is important/due, the documentation equipped for demonstrating the application (contracts, individual archives, court decisions, and so on.), just as a count indicating the worth propose. This documentation might be messaged to EXM until 4/4/2020..

On the off chance that the correct holder (bank) isn’t in the previously mentioned rundown of lenders, he/she may submit CREDIT ENABLEMENT, following a similar example as above.

In any of the above cases, the Judicial Administrator will affirm the receipt of the email, be that as it may, the investigation and proposed result will be in the structure and term referenced in article 7 and passages of Law 11.101/05, by means of request appended to the document of the Recovery. Legal.

Following 15 days after the distribution of the main notification of lenders, any solicitation for capability or condemnation of credit may be made by legal methods.

In the event that you have a particular inquiries, if it’s not too much trouble direct this email and we will react to you in the blink of an eye.


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