If you are already an experienced investor in the financial market, then you already know, or at least have received, some offer to sign up for analysis houses. If you're a beginner, rest assured, you'll be in on everything now.

Analysis houses are one of the main businesses involving the financial market, after all, these institutions sell one of the essential elements to the investment world: a qualified information. Therefore, the researches has been growing in popularity and number of options for the public.

With this in mind, let's follow up on what analysis houses are and what are the advantages of subscribing to them.

Analysis houses: what are they?

In summary, analysis houses, as the name suggests, are companies that specialize in providing analysis, insights and recommendations related to the financial market.

Therefore, the researches they usually offer subscription plans that allow access to different types of publications, such as reports, articles, newsletters, news and exclusive content from experts.

Furthermore, they are increasingly investing in the educational field. Thus, there are already several analysis houses that include an education platform, aimed mainly at first-time investors.

In general, the main analysis houses belong to a brokerage or bank. For example, we can mention: XP Investimentos, Bradesco BBI, Itaú BBA, BTG Pactual, Inter Research, BB Investimentos, among others.

But there are also independent analysis houses, that is, without links to these institutions. In this sense, they stand out for not having any conflicts of interest with other lines of business, making analysis their main role.

Why subscribe to an analysis house?

You've probably heard the expression "Time is money". This premise fits perfectly with the subject, after all, an analytics house would save you time to research the information before making an investment decision that could translate into more money.

Certainly, the work to gather macroeconomic, sector and company data is neither simple nor quick. Thus, receiving the publications of a research it can be the solution to decide where to invest with a good amount of information, especially if you have other occupations such as work and study.

In addition, the analysis houses usually have an experienced team of analysts. Therefore, you can have the support of an expert to clarify any doubts about any analysis or recommendation.

So, unless you are exclusively dedicated to investing with a method or results better than a research, a good analysis house is a great alternative to qualify your investment decisions.

What are the best review houses?

Currently, some of the best analysis houses are independent ones, such as Nord, suno, empiricus and Eleven Financial, for example.

O Investor's Guide made a special feature presenting the main features and offers of each one. To stay on top of all the information, just click here.

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