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The blockchain data analysis platform Chainalysis is revealing that major investors have bought tens of thousands of bitcoin, while the largest crypto by market capitalization has dropped to less than $ 40,000.

In the latest market intelligence report from the blockchain analytics firm, Chainalysis reveals that, as some investors left their positions at a loss, Bitcoin whales bought large amounts of BTC at the height of the cryptocurrency correction.

“So, last week was a challenge for everyone in cryptocurrency and some investors have incurred huge losses. But the industry appears to be responding and most investors remain confident. For example, investor whales bought the fund, acquiring 77,000 Bitcoin last week. ”

At the time of this writing, each bitcoin was trading at $ 34,908, giving the huge purchase of whales a value of around 14.04 billion reais.

The company adds that 1.2 million Bitcoins were sold at a loss of between 5% and 25%. Another 120,000 BTC were sold at a loss of 25% or more. Chainalysis estimates that the majority of sales came from short-term holders.

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“For Bitcoin, at least $ 3.2 billion was lost last week. This is only for Bitcoin that was retained for at least four weeks before being sent, a restriction that increases the certainty that these are real losses. Almost all of that $ 3.2 billion loss was incurred by Bitcoin held between 4 and 13 weeks, suggesting that recent investors have been the biggest sellers. ”

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