WEB3DEV, a startup that brings the future of the internet accessible to developers around the world, is open for registration for the first Hackathon created by the community. Get to know Hackathon Pod Labs now: Reinventing the Learning Experience.

The Hackathon is being organized by the members of the WEB3DEV Pod Labs – a committed and multi-initiative team that leads this and other community projects – so that developers, students and digital technology enthusiasts can learn and work together for web solutions 3, coordinating a veritable laboratory of practical programming experiments, especially with Blockchain.

Thus, in addition to the participants working as a team to learn and meet new people, the teams will be able to compete for awards at the conclusion of the challenge. The objective is to create a favorable environment for networking and, as a result of all the interaction between the teams, to develop a useful and beneficial tool for the WEB3DEV community itself in Front-End and with Smart Contracts, using in this first edition the most well-known web3 language: Solidity.

Registration opened on the 21st of March and will run until the 4th of April, the challenge will be held online from the 5th to the 28th of April and the winner will be announced on the 3rd of May. In this way, the teams will have the entire month of April to discuss the solutions and create based on the challenges set out in the Public Notice of Themes.

The award is divided into two main thematic areas, according to the competence of the participants or teams. This means that a team can take the full award if it wins in all categories.

“We are excited about this hackathon organized and run by the WEB3DEV community, it is very important to see what we can create together. We believe this is a unique opportunity for our members to come together to create something truly valuable for our community. We are looking forward to seeing what they will do and the impact it will have as a whole”, says Daniel Cukier, CEO of WEB3DEV.

To find out about all the rules, prizes and access the registration form, visit the following link:

https: /l.web3dev.com.br/1hackathon_web3dev

About WEB3DEV:

Created in 2022 by developers Daniel Cukier, Yan Luiz and Melk, WEB3DEV focuses on 3 main pillars: community, education and construction. With the goal of bringing the future of the internet accessible to developers around the world, the community creates content to encourage and engage all software developers to share unique, high-quality content about Web3. Through its educational platform, it offers content for those who want to effectively learn about blockchain and web3, with courses based on didactic projects. In addition, WEB3DEV promotes the meeting of companies and developers to add new talent, build and support teams of developers for Web3 projects.


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