Last week, trader Wellington Silva announced the creation of an unusual investment portfolio, as reported by CriptoFácil.

The work was inspired by the Monkey Zé Portfolio, by Monkey Stocks, in which it simulates random investment in the stock market.

In the case of Monkey Stocks, the intention is to demonstrate the unpredictability of investments in shares. Thus, in Monkey's opinion, "randomness in the choice of shares is as or more efficient than the choice of analysts".

The cryptocurrency market, in turn, is probably even more uncertain than the stock market.

So now it's time to understand how randomness works in the cryptocurrency market. It was then that Silva created MonkeyCrypto.

Random cryptocurrency wallet yields 38%

On August 9, the above cryptocurrencies were selected to compose the random investment portfolio.

It is worth mentioning that the choices were removed from the ranking of CoinMarketCap's 50 largest cryptocurrencies. In addition, the price of the pairs was taken directly from Binance.

Thus, the performance of the first round of MonkeyCrypto surprised in a positive way.

Through a random choice, cryptocurrencies yielded an average of 38% profit in just one week.

Individually, the performances were as follows:

  • DASH / USDT: loss of 4.18%;
  • LSK / USDT: 18.30% gain;
  • THETA / USDT: 21.80% gain;
  • DCR / USDT: 6.40% gain;
  • ENJ / USDT: loss of 3.80%.

In comparison, Bitcoin rose just 2% over the past week.

It is possible to follow the entire process of the MonkeyCrypto portfolio through the trader's Instagram.

In addition, the next cryptocurrencies that will compose the fictitious investment portfolio are:

  • DASH / USDT;
  • ZRX / USDT;
  • LSK / USDT;
  • ICX / USDT;
  • MKR / USDT.

ws_trader creates random cryptocurrency wallet

Experiment opposes randomness to expert analysis

In the stories about MonkeyCrypto, Silva makes it clear that his wallet does not serve as a purchase recommendation.

On the contrary: the experiment tries to demonstrate that there is a lot of randomness in the cryptocurrency investment universe.

Thus, the only way to counter market instability is through study and experience in the crypto trade.

Finally, with the alternative cryptocurrency market heated, it is expected that the next portfolios will bring interesting results in the weeks ahead.

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