Last Thursday (26), the Board of Directors of Usiminas (USIM5) informed the approval of a billionaire payment in dividends and interest on equity (JCP).

R$1.211 billion will be distributed to shareholders, money referring to the company's profit in the first half of the year. See who is entitled to receive.

Payment to Usiminas shareholders takes place on October 5th. Thus, approximately R$829.9 million will be paid in relation to dividends and R$448.6 million will be paid in respect of interest on equity.

In addition, dividends will be calculated at an amount of R$0.646624597 per common share and R$0.711287057 per preferred share. JCP R$0.297122971 per common share and R$0.326835268 per preferred share.

In short, it will be entitled to receive shareholders positioned in the company's shares until the date of August 31 of this year. Thus, the shares started to be sold as “ex-proventos” the very next day. Therefore, those who acquire the assets from September 1st are not entitled to receive dividends or interest on equity.

Usiminas is a company that operates in the steel industry. In this way, the company leads the production and sale of flat steel in the country. Founded in the 50s in the interior of Minas Gerais, the company stands out in the market to this day.

Usiminas presented surprising results in this second quarter. The company's net profit reached R$ 4.543 billion between the months of April and June this year alone.

With this good result, the company was able to reverse a loss valued at R$ 395 million, acquired in the same period last year. With regard to the first quarter of 2021, the profit of R$ 1.205 billion, meant a growth of 277% for the company.


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