Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt the urge to leave everything to live around traveling through this wonderful country? That's what cryptocurrency P2P seller Vinícius Kinczel did. He simply put some clothes in the backpack, warned the family and set out on a journey to live 2021 spending everything on bitcoin (without intermediaries) to spread cryptographic knowledge throughout Brazil.

I'm leaving, with no destination and no deadline. Don't wait for me for dinner.

Currently, Vinícius is in Porto de Galinhas – Pernambuco, but he himself does not know where he will be tomorrow because of his new adventurous lifestyle. The young man shows the photos of the paradisiacal beaches they have been visiting.

Porto de Galinhas- Pernambuco
Porto de Galinhas- Pernambuco

I'm hitchhiking on the road, I talk to the locals to guide me, I stay in a hostel meeting other travelers. Some things that the road has presented me are changing my being.

Certainly, the traveler's online work has helped him adapt to this new lifestyle, which, according to him, has a "lower cost of living than being married to a property."

And this job can be done anywhere on the planet, that's why I chose to stay in motion on earth than planted in one place.

However, the p2p sale of cryptocurrencies will not be the only goal of the backpacker who has the difficult task of spending the year 2021 without using any state currency, paying for everything he consumes in cryptocurrencies. without any kind of intermediary that settles the transaction in reais.

In 2021 I will live 100% of my life in bitcoin, even if I knock on door offering crypto payment to traders until I find it, and I will find it! I have already found many interested, by the way …

At first this is a very arduous task given the difficulty of finding trades that accept cryptocurrencies.

Vinícius will also help traders wherever they go to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and still intends to advertise the trade on his YouTube channel that is yet to be created.

“I will not involve an intermediary. I will teach the merchant to have a cell phone wallet. If you happen to have any trade in Brazil and accept bitcoin / cryptocurrency as a form of payment, let me know. I'm going to visit you. It may take time, but I will arrive. ”

If you liked the idea and want to help, here's how:

“Whoever wants to support the cause, just get in touch. I work today with buying and selling btc only, and whoever sells to me, will be helping indirectly, or if I want to help directly, I seek volunteer supporters to do the logo, card, video editing… hahaha ”

The traveler also asked for ideas for the name of his YouTube channel, write your suggestions there in the comments.

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