Cryptoactive brokerage currencies are the altcoins of choice for many investors, and one of the most prominent this week was the CRO – cryptocurrency – which rose 56% as the market corrected.

The rise of CRO is due to the launch of its own blockchain and an expansion of its card to countries like Brazil. The increase in card benefits is conditional on CRO hold, therefore, as the number of card users grows, there is less CRO in the market.

As we can see in the table below, the CRO has already accumulated earnings for at least 1 year:

Many investors believe that CRO could be the next BNB (Binance token). If this really happens, the asset can grow by 599% and jump from R$3.16 to R$22.09.

Table with possible growth of the CRO
Estimated growth with BNB’s marketcap – Source: Coingolive.

Time to sell CRO?

The network is increasing its number of users, according to the graph comparing the price and growth of the network:

Purple line signals network growth
Purple line signals the growth of the network and green the price

However, according to an analysis by data company Santiment, the token is in the FOMO (English acronym for the “fear of not participating” in the high) phase. Social media data shows sudden spike in mention volume.

“Historically, if a currency appears for several days in social trends, it is highly likely that the price top is close,” says Santiment.

According to the company, the same small investors entering the market can now dump their assets quickly, causing a correction. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful.

*This is not a buy/sell indication, just an educational material that presents data and possibilities.

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