Mexico’s third-richest billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, advised investors to “buy bitcoin now”.

He explained the motivations behind, stating that the US is “looking more and more like any other irresponsible 3rd world country”.

Salinas on US economy and Bitcoin

Mexican Ricardo Salinas commented on the US economy and bitcoin on Wednesday (24).

He is the founder and president of Grupo Salinas, a group of companies with interests in telecommunications, media, financial services and retail stores.

According to Forbes’ list of billionaires, his net worth is currently around $14.2 billion.

Salinas tweeted a weekly chart of the Federal Reserve’s total asset value (minus consolidation eliminations), which was updated Nov. 18, and shows total assets of over $8.67 trillion.

Source: Fed System Board of Governors.

“Good ol’ USA is looking more and more like any other irresponsible third world country … wow … look at the scale of fake money creation. Buy bitcoin now.”

The Mexican billionaire has been pro-bitcoin for a long time. In November of last year, it revealed that 10% of its net portfolio was in bitcoin.

In June, he announced plans for his bank to accept bitcoin:

“I recommend using bitcoin, and my bank and I are working to be the first bank in Mexico to accept bitcoin,” he tweeted.

On the subject bitcoin vs. gold, he recommended putting money into bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is the new gold,” he said in June, adding that it is “much more portable”.

He noted that carrying bitcoin “is much easier” than having gold bars in your pocket.

In August, Mexico’s third richest man tweeted:

“I think bitcoin has a great future and will change the world…. We will see.”

Will he prove himself right?

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