A new business has recently caused a stir. Founded in March 2020, the WAVE platform operates the WAVE wallet, on which bitcoins and its own cryptocurrency, the WAVE token, can be stored.

On the other hand, an internal exchange platform has recently been added to the platform, where you can easily and conveniently exchange your Bitcoin for WAVE and vice versa. Over time, more cryptocurrency pairs will be listed on the platform and there are plans to completely transform the exchange into a decentralized exchange in 2021.

WAVE user system

Many other services are being developed to extend the WAVE user system and to keep the platform always at the forefront of innovation. For example, a merchandise and shopping platform will be launched this year in which it will be possible to make purchases with the WAVE token.

As a young company, the WAVE platform is of course experiencing the ups and downs that companies like Tesla, or Uber had to endure during their start-up period. Nevertheless, the figures and data available at the moment show that the WAVE platform is experiencing strong growth and thus paints a bright picture for the future.

Since its launch, the platform has just passed the 15,000 member mark and already has a capitalization of over $ 9 million.

The platform’s growth is particularly strong in Europe and North America. This can be seen in the density of nodes already active on each continent, and based on these numbers, Europe as a market is clearly in the lead for WAVE. Recent conversations with the company have also made it clear that other high growth countries are currently Turkey and Brazil.

Regarding the next stage of its development, WAVE plans to launch a desktop Wallet software before the end of 2020, which will allow cryptocurrencies to be saved offline, thus providing superior security.

WAVE will arrive on exchange platforms in early 2021

In the first quarter of 2021, it is then expected that the WAVE token will start trading on external exchange platforms, such as Binance or Coinbase. However, it is not until the end of 2020 that members of the WAVE community will be notified of the platforms on which WAVE will list.

The company aims to be quickly listed on 3 high-volume trading platforms before the end of 2021, and stresses that this will improve the mass adoption and liquidity of the cryptocurrency.

The next step: The establishment of staking

The next step, which should take place when 60 million WAVE tokens have been put into circulation, presumably before the middle of 2021, will concern the implementation of the concept of staking, or staking, in the WAVE blockchain.

Staking is a process of actively participating in the validation of the transaction on the Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain. On these blockchains, anyone with a minimum required balance of a specific cryptocurrency can validate transactions and earn staking rewards.

Also decentralized platform and online marketplace projects

The company also plans to launch an online marketplace in the second quarter of next year, in the form of a portal where it will be possible to sell goods in exchange for WAVE tokens, or to buy goods with WAVE tokens.

In the third quarter of 2021, WAVE then plans to change its internal exchange platform into a decentralized exchange, noting that it believes that centralized platforms do not correspond to the initial concept of blockchain.

The platform will be named WAEDEX, and will allow its users to exchange cryptocurrencies completely anonymously, while ensuring a very high level of IT security. At its launch, WAEDEX should offer 10 cryptocurrencies.

WAVE, a “success story” in the making?

WAVE is therefore an innovative cryptocurrency project, which is only in its infancy, since WAVE cryptocurrency is not yet listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. So now is probably the right time to invest for a potential future explosion, if you believe in the project.

The concept of a complete ecosystem with cryptocurrency, exchange platform and marketplace is indeed attractive, and could prove to be a great success. However, while the company appears to be on the right track, only the future will provide certainty!

Recently some investors have started investing in a platform called mind capital. Here you have an extensive article from our buddies from criptopasion. You might need to translate the article from their website since it’s in spanish.


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