In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a titan known for his intelligence and for stealing fire from the sky to give it to humans. This is the name of a crypto too! Discover the Prometeus crypto (PROM) and its price which is currently on fire !!

What is PROM crypto?

The crypto Prometeus (without the h!) Was launched on the market in July 2019. Prometeus is responsible for the development of this crypto. It is a company made up of investors and scientists working in the fields of artificial intelligence, le big data, etc. What is the ambition of PROM?

To put it simply, Prometeus is a network designed to facilitate data transfer and sharing. Like most cryptos, Prometeus uses blockchain technology to enable a peer-to-peer approach. With Prometeus, you can buy and sell data (documents, photos, videos, etc.) in a decentralized manner, that is to say without being subjected to censorship or control by a third party.

Prometeus network products

With their blockchain solution, Prometeus intends to fight against the misuse of our personal data for commercial purposes. Prometeus developers have thus created the Stoa platform which allows its users tobe paid for their data sharing. This information can be used to enrich big data technologies in the fields of health, finance, marketing, etc.

Another important product developed by the creators of Prometeus is called Ignite. This is a decentralized blog service which allows its users to freely express their ideas.

The crypto PROM in full explosion

It was not until February 2021 to see the price of the crypto Prometeus take off. But it is clear that this flight has been dazzling! Before February 2021, the price of Prometeus stagnated below $ 4 (€ 3.3). Then, on February 17, 2021, the PROM reached a first record with a price around $ 26.5 (€ 22)!

But these performances were still nothing compared to those at the end of April 2021. Between April 28 and April 29, the PROM exploded, posting one of the best performances in the crypto market. Thus, the course went from $ 11 (€ 9) to $ 69.7 (€ 58), i.e. more than 600% in just 24 hours ! With its capitalization, the PROM is classified at 171th rank of global cryptos right now.

The most interesting thing is that this price increase does not seem artificial. She is rather correlatede signing partnerships and setting up new developments. Since the second quarter of 2020, Prometeus has launched a new development every quarter. This year, Athena development was completed in the first quarter and Zeus is expected to arrive in the second quarter. Enough to climb the course of the Prometeus towards Olympus?


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