Bitcoin has definitely changed the way we view the currency. Just over a decade after its creation, we see cryptography stand out amid a whole new ecosystem of private currencies that are beginning to form the basis for a legacy financial system, previously controlled by centralized organizations.

But after all, what did the government do with our money? This is one of the issues that we will be discussing at this week’s Satoshi Connection (04/09) in a conversation with Cristiano Chiocca, president of Instituto Rothbard Brasil and co-founder of Instituto Mises Brasil.

What is the Austrian School's view on Bitcoin? Does the cryptocurrency violate Mises' regression theorem? What are the economic and philosophical bases for a free currency market? What is Murray Rothbard's view on the monetary policies adopted in the last century?

If you were curious, be sure to follow this week's Satoshi Connection, Friday (9) at 4 pm on the official channel of Cointimes on YouTube.

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