For many people, poker is a risk and not an investment. However, every day there are hundreds of Brazilian professionals making fortunes on legal poker sites in Portugal and the United States. Like them, the best poker players in the world have been proving that it is possible to get a steady income from poker. Thanks to their skill in the classic card game, they managed to win impressive fortunes and bypass what many believe to be a fundamental aspect of poker: the luck factor.

In this article, we decided to increasingly compile the names of the 10 richest poker players in the world.

Phil Hellmuth: $ 12 million

American Phil Hellmuth may even have a net worth of “just” $ 12 million, but he knows how to win world poker championships like no one else. With a total of 14 bracelets won at the WSOP (World Series of Poker), he is the record holder of titles in the competition. A kind of poker Messi, Hellmuth was at the age of 24 the youngest world champion in the history of professional circuits.

Jennifer Harman: $ 15 million

The richest poker player in the world is the American Jennifer Harman, twice world champion and a native of the state of Nevada. Offering a feminine touch to a game that is mostly male-dominated, Harman is unfortunately the only woman in our top 10. Profitable sponsorship contracts and many hours dedicated to the game table helped Harman to earn $ 15 net worth millions.

Joe Hachem: $ 16 million

You may not believe it, but the eighth richest poker player in the world was born and lives in Lebanon. Joe Hachem is a poker star in the Middle East and living proof that poker is indeed a global phenomenon. Even though he was a WSOP champion on only one occasion (2005), Hachem is one of the best known professionals in the world and has a $ 16 million fortune at 53.

Antonio Esfandiari: $ 27 million

There is no doubt that Iranian Antonio Esfandiari is one of the most charismatic figures in the world of poker. His charisma earned him several sponsorships throughout his career and in particular 3 WSOP titles. Used to impressing the public by doing chip tricks, Esfandiari was a professional magician before embarking on his poker career. It has a net worth of $ 27 million.

Erik Seidel: $ 42 million

Like great athletes, great poker players are as famous for their skills as for their personality. But Erik Seidel, the sixth richest in the world, has been proving that one of the best ways to make money in the game is by being a responsible family man. With 2 daughters, Seidel has already won $ 42 million playing poker at the highest level and has 1 world champion title.

Daniel Negreanu: $ 50 million

With 6 WSOP bracelets, a huge poker heritage, and dozens of sponsorship contracts over the years, American Daniel Negreanu is perhaps the most famous poker player in the world. Born and raised in Las Vegas, which is the perfect city to watch the birth of a great player, Negreanu has a net worth of $ 50 million, but is only the fifth richest poker player in the world.

Doyle Brunson: $ 75 million

Another classic poker name, Doyle Brunson is known for his cowboy hat and 10 WSOP bracelets. Now 86, Brunson is enjoying a well-deserved makeover in Longworth, Texas. After 50 years of playing at the highest level, Brunson has accumulated a net worth of $ 75 million.

Chris Ferguson: $ 80 million

If Brunson is known for his cowboy hat, Chris Ferguson can be identified by his leather jacket. With $ 80 million in the bank, Ferguson was one of the most popular players in the world and the holder of 6 WSOP titles, until in 2011 he was involved in a legal scandal over a scheme set up in association with a popular poker site.

Sam Farha: $ 100 million

Yes, the second richest poker player in the world also comes from the unlikely Lebanon, and is known as Ihsan “Sam” Farha. Sam has 3 WSOP bracelets and therefore does not need to prove his skills to anyone, but a large part of his exorbitant $ 100 million fortune was obtained through sponsorship and a series of side deals. Farha is developing his own video game, as well as a poker-based reality show.

Phil Ivey: $ 100 million

The richest poker player in the world could only be the American Phil Ivey. Not as rich as the richest of the wealthy, Ivey is the new big name at the poker tables and has a net worth of $ 100 million at 42, as well as 10 WSOP bracelets. The main favorite to break Hellmuth's record on the professional circuit, Ivey is known for his rather apt nickname "Tiger Woods of Poker" and one of the most famous poker players in the world.

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