Yesterday we published the news: “US Senate urgently requires data from Tether and other stablecoins”, with the letter sent by the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, translated in full.

Today, Tether’s official profile posted on twitter that:

“We appreciate the interest of policymakers in the function, purpose and security of all stablecoins ​​in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. We have worked and are pleased to work with policy makers around the world on these important issues.”

And they continued:

“It’s critical that we work collaboratively to build this industry. As blockchain technology pioneers and leaders in transparency and innovation, Tether is dedicated to ensuring our customers are properly protected and have the tools they need to succeed.”

“We look forward to working with stakeholders to develop these structures.” – concluded.

It’s not the first time the US government has made a regulatory move against Tether, and it’s not the first time the company has responded that it intends to collaborate with the authorities.

Both Tether and other stablecoin broadcasters have until December 3rd to officially answer all questions in the November 23rd letter.

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