Strike, the popular payment app, has announced the expansion of its reach from just three (even with the US being one of them) to 65 nations, bringing in tons of new users for cryptocurrencies and USDT specifically.

Tradecurve also has global aspirations like this, aiming to bring a borderless trading experience to anyone with access to a computer and/or mobile device.


App Strike makes major strides in facilitating the use and adoption of cryptocurrencies

The Strike app is known for allowing users to instantly send and receive money using the Lightning Network. This network is a second layer solution for Bitcoin that relies on fast and cheap transactions. The Strike app even makes it possible to buy and sell Bitcoin for dollars and other fiat currencies – and now it has also announced that it supports USDT, stablecoin backed by the US dollar.

The application seeks to offer a global package of financial services that can be used by billions of users from different countries/currencies. Implementing USDT adds even more value to the app, especially for those living in countries plagued by hyperinflation.

At the last Bitcoin Conference, the Strike app recently announced that it is available in 65 new countries, launched a new design, and reported support for the Lightning Network URL (LNURL). It facilitates Bitcoin transactions by providing a reusable static QR code or static URL link that can be used to pay another Bitcoin user. lightning.

Through its aggressive expansion and intuitive use of its resources, the Strike app has everything to be a great player in the banking and crypto landscapes, not to mention that it will be available to over 3 billion people worldwide.


Tradecurve + Strike = mass adoption?

Another project to watch is Tradecurve, a hybrid, borderless trading platform that runs on the blockchain. What makes it unique is the ability to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, options and more – all from one place. It is perhaps even more heartening to know that this place is the blockchain.

This allows users to protect their identity as they do not need to go through a KYC verification process. The platform will also potentially offer access to trading for the estimated 1.4 billion people worldwide who do not have a bank account. Throw in an app like Strike and the possibilities are extremely positive.

Another thing that motivates the team behind Tradecurve is the chance to provide people with trade-related products, regardless of the regulation in their home countries, since the project is based on the blockchain.

When we think that the Forex market alone is valued at $753.2B in 2022 and that, at the time of writing, the crypto market capitalization is at $1.2TB, we see immense potential.

Tradecurve is aiming high and plans to raise $20 million in its pre-sale, which is currently in phase 2. Its native token, TCRV, is priced at $0.012 at this stage, but experts believe the price could increase by around 50x still during the pre-sale and up to 100x when the actual coin is made available after the pre-sale ends. Next, Tradecurve wants to capture 100,000 customers in the first three months of operation, then grow bigger and bigger from there.

According to the website, there are around 420 million cryptocurrency users worldwide. Add that number to the number of people outside traditional banking who will soon be able to trade on Tradecurve and the new users who will start using the Strike app. Ready! It is now clear why Tradecurve wants to make mass blockchain adoption a reality.

For more information on pre-selling the TCRV token, see the links below:



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