The Terra ecosystem (LUNA) has announced that it has successfully completed its update called Columbus 5. It brings a number of developments and features to the cryptoactive blockchain protocol.

The most significant update to Terra (LUNA) was implemented on September 30 and brings three significant changes to the protocol. These include the integration of the IBC protocol and a new token burning policy.

These changes are expected to positively influence the growth of the ecosystem that is one of those that has attracted the most attention of the cryptocurrency community recently.

The most anticipated addition is the ‘Firing Policy’. After all, it can directly impact the cryptoactive value and investors eagerly awaited its implementation.

Investors expect this new policy to have a similar impact on LUNA as it did on Ethereum. This is because, by removing tokens from the circulating supply and burning them, shortages are created in the exchanges.


Among the updates is the integration between Luna and blockchains Cosmos, Solana and Polkadot.

In addition, Stargate will allow integration with the Inter Blockchain communication protocol. the goal is to enable more use cases across chains.

Currently, Terra has eight active protocols. But the expectation is that this number will multiply in the future with Stargate.

Along these lines, it is expected that the protocol’s native stablecoin, UST, will become the preferred stablecoin for decentralized applications.

Ryan Watkins, analyst at Messari believes UST’s growth will accelerate beyond the $2.5 billion in circulation.

In addition, the introduction of Wormhole and Ozone solutions provides insurance for projects built by Terraform Labs and Terra interoperable projects for Solana.

As UST migrates between the two networks, analysts expect greater integration between projects on both blockchains.

According to Jay Jaboneta, managing director of DLSL Nexus, more than 50 protocols are expected to go into operation on Terra in the coming months.

It is worth noting that LUNA had one of the highest valuations in the cryptocurrency market in the last two weeks. This occurred in anticipation of the launch of Columbus 5. At the time, analysts compared its performance with Solana’s.

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