Below is another Technical Analysis of Bitcoin made by Financial Move, a Cointimes partner.

This study seeks to have a daily, short-term view of the price.

In other words, we seek to translate what may happen on the day, so that our readers can anticipate the market and position themselves accordingly.


This is a reading of the weekly chart, which allows us to have a view of the Horizon, to understand the health of the market in general.

We were able to see a price consolidation after the high that made Bitcoin reach U $ 13.5 thousand dollars.

In our view, this consolidation is something healthy, extremely healthy.

We are above the EMA100, EMA200 and MA200.

Considerably “bullish” (bullish) and price goes through a consolidation phase.

At the moment, EMA100 acts as a price support.

If it falls into the 6.5k USD region, it will be the best time to fill your pockets.

~ There's Market Every Day ~

~ The above analysis is not a recommendation to buy or sell, it is just a Study to assist in your investments.

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