Games that use blockchain-based economy are the new darlings of investors and the big promise is the game Star Atlas, which recently revealed some new features.

In an interview for the channel Ivan on Tech, the main developer of the Star Atlas space adventure RPG, Michael Wagner, revealed new details about the development and emergence of the game.

Michael Wagner is the CEO of Star Atlas, but he is already a veteran in some markets. He mined Monero at its beginning, it has a company dedicated to cannabis with cryptocurrencies and was founder of Digital Asset Holdings LLC in the field of digital consulting.

Wagner started thinking about the game project in 2019, when he evaluated the emergence of NFTs and the possibility of creating a universe based on cryptocurrencies, uniting the idea of ​​game and metaverse.

star atlas main developer
Michael Wagner | Source: Ivan On Tech

I see the metaverse as the future of the web. It will allow people to participate in things that are not possible in physical reality.” – stated Michael Wagner

Star Atlas reveals news for next month

Star Atlas Image Trailer
Star Atlas trailer

After launching the digital articles marketplace less than 2 months ago, Michael Wagner announced a “mini-game” that will be available in less than two months according to the developer.

What we’re doing here is developing two games into one product. We have a 3d world that is being built with Unreal Engine but we are also building a web-based experience.

This way, Star Atlas players will be able to play through the browser and be exposed to the game mechanics. However, the experience will not be visually appealing as in the 3D version with more advanced graphics.

People will start earning Atlas and Polis in the next month or a month and a half through this development. [do mini-game]

ATLAS and POLIS are the two tokens responsible for the game’s economy, the first will be used to buy items and the second for governance. Both are on Solana’s blockchain, making token trading easier.

star atlas trailer
Star Atlas trailer

Wagner also revealed that the game will undergo several updates and improvements, resulting in a very refined game by the middle of next year.

Check out the Star Atlas teaser trailer:

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