Last week, the launch of a DEX (decentralized exchange) made exclusively for Brazilians hit the social networks of the country's crypto community.

The same founders of the largest cryptocurrency marketplace in Latin America created BPdex, which uses the Uniswap protocol technology to bring to Brazil, in Portuguese and in an uncomplicated way, a simple way to get to know the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

In addition, the project chose cBRL as the base currency for negotiations, thus avoiding that users have to keep converting to dollars when they want to use it.

CryptoBRL or cBRL is a one-to-one (1: 1) cryptocurrency with the Brazilian real (BRL). Developed using the ERC20 standard, the token is based on Ethereum's blockchain technology. Stablecoin has a wide range of new applications, with liquidity and credibility, all in a distributed and transparent way, as presented in detail in its whitepaper.

According to one of the project's founders, Ney Pimenta, the choice was due to the fact that the cBRL is the most used in Brazil and has the support of dozens of exchanges and even digital banks like Alterbank.


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