Brazilians who use Brazino777 – a site that offers online casinos and sports betting – are complaining about problems with withdrawals and deposits, as well as lack of support. In the consumer protection platform Reclame Aqui alone, there are almost 60 complaints. It has been about 30 days since the company, which has offices in Cyprus (Europe) and Curaçao (Caribbean), has not responded to a complaint.

A customer in São Paulo, for example, has not yet received a withdrawal request on March 21. In his complaint, registered on Monday (12), he says that the support gives him 24 hours to reply, followed after another 24 hours.

"I just want my problem to be resolved as soon as possible because I don't want to wait another 15 days," he wrote.

Another customer from Rio de Janeiro, who filed a complaint last Thursday (08), said that his problem is in the deposit: “Since 02/21 without receiving my deposit”.

Also from Rio de Janeiro, a player says he made two deposits of R $ 1000; one was effective, the other was not. So far, the occurrence, which was recorded in early February, is still being replicated in the RA.

There is also a person from Tupã (SP), who states that he is receiving invoices from the company in his email even though he has never been a customer. "I want you to stop sending emails with your payment slip!", He said in the complaint on the 3rd of this month.

R $ 500 Pix uncredited

The complaints also involve deposits made through Pix, the Central Bank's electronic payment method.

"I made a pix of 500 reais and was not credited", complained a client from Divinópolis (MG) on March 30th. As Reclame Aqui shows, it has not been answered until then. In his complaint, he says that he already knew the history of the platform, but that he nevertheless made the deposit.

"They did not credit my account, they do not resolve it, nobody knows anything, I asked them to refund my money and they did not do it, they are going to have problems with this, they are not going to be like this", he wrote.

A more complex case occurred with a client from Belford Roxo, also in the city of Rio de Janeiro. According to the complaint, the client deposited R $ 100 reais and received the same bonus amount, leaving R $ 200 available to bet; he then played and won, getting R $ 300.

"I needed the money, I tried to withdraw, they said that because of the bonus I couldn't, then I gave up the bonus," he said, adding that he did not use the benefit.

In order not to be at a loss, he accepted to receive only the R $ 100 back, but said that he is "in a fight to cash out", as the company is always "making excuses" and now he says that he has to "bet 20%". "I see that they are trying to force me to lose all my money so they don't pay," he added.

There are also complaints in an alleged profile of the company on Facebook, which shows that the problem is not recent. “Worst betting site ever. Depositing you can do it in droves, now when you go to withdraw it is a scam. That's when your balance doesn't add up kkkkkkk ”, wrote user Samir Albuquerque in August last year.

Brazino 777 is not in Brazil

Although the name Brazino recalls the term 'brazuca', a slang used to refer to Brazilian citizens, the company has offices in Cyprus (Europe) and Curaçao (Caribbean). There is no branch in Brazil. For users here, the only means of contact is a support email.

On its website, the company presents itself as “Brazino777 Esporte Betting e Online Casino Platform” and accepts various types of deposits, including bitcoin.

It is worth remembering that in 2018 the then President Michel Temer signed Law No. 13,756 / 2018, which allows only online bets whose amount the bettor will receive is already known at the time of the transaction, that is, fixed-rate bets. Gambling is still prohibited in Brazil.

Sought through the support email to comment on the matter, Brazino 777 did not respond to the report until the publication of this text.


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