Brazilian skateboarder Bob Burnquist has released a collection of NFTs titled Burnquist Gold. The release was released by the skater on his Twitter account.

The NFTs will be launched through the Brazilian platform Hic et Nunc, which operates on the blockchain Tezos (XTZ). The collection consists of 1,618 tokens, which will be sold for 1,618 XTZ.

At XTZ’s current quotation (R$ 38.07), each token will pay out for R$ 61.59. In other words, the sale of the complete collection represents an income of almost R$100 thousand.

However, not all NFTs will be sold, as Burnquist also decided to distribute some of them. According to the athlete, 5 NFTs will be distributed via an airdrop. To participate, the user needs to leave their XTZ address in the collection ad tweet comments.

Mystic/Spiritual Collection

Burnquist is one of the most awarded skateboarders in Brazil. However, the collection of NFTs is not about skateboarding, but is based on the golden ratio.

Also known as the divine ratio in mathematics, the golden ratio is a natural constant that equals 1.618. Interestingly, the number was also used to define the quantity and price of NFTs in the collection.

“By combining these elements, we arrive at a beautiful Golden Rule of framing and authentication. There is a unique signature feature in Bob’s art. The circle in the upper right corner of your compositions. It’s usually the Sun, but it can mean a lot of other things. It’s a circle of spiritual connection,” explains Burnquist.

Also according to the skater, the images signify the connection of both the skater with the cryptosphere and with his fans. In this sense, the NFTs will also provide a series of advantages, including the possibility of training with Burnquist himself in a skateboarding business. The NFTs also contain the skater’s autograph.

At the time of writing this text, 1,418 units had been sold, with 400 remaining for sale. The Hic et Nunc website is the point where NFTs can be purchased.

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