Analyst anticipated high of up to 241% at the beginning of the year; now he has a new cryptocurrency bet to get R$ 1 million.

An event that will take place in May promises to change the financial lives of many Brazilians and create a new generation of millionaires. That’s because the famous analyst Vinicius Bazan, who predicted Bitcoin’s 2017 bull runwill reveal its five new bets on the universe of cryptocurrencies.

The analyst drew attention on the internet recently due to the return of his nominations.

In a very short period of time — just in the first few weeks of the year — Bazan’s portfolio provided a significant return for his followers, with all 16 cryptocurrencies recommended by him showing great appreciation.

Some of them even had an increase of more than 200% in the first days of January.

List of cryptocurrencies recommended by Bazan in early 2023

(Source: Empiricus)

Now, the analyst is preparing for an even bigger project: presenting five new cryptocurrency bets that can generate up to BRL 1 million in return.

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The current moment is conducive to this because, in recent months, after a difficult 2022, cryptocurrencies have started a new bullish cycle. Bitcoin reached the important level of 30 thousand dollars — and everything indicates that this is just the beginning.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is always a risk, but with the right choices, you can get a return that can change your financial life. The chance here is to transform, as happened before, an investment of BRL 1,000 into almost BRL 8,000 in just three months.

To find out more about Bazan’s new bets, just register for the free event via the link below and watch the live stream. The analyst will explain how to release access to cryptocurrency names and how to invest in these assets to get good results.



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