A Twitter user used his account to share a dangerous scam he suffered. User Josh Chavez (@tropicalratchet) reported that he was the target of an old but still practiced scam in the market.

According to Chavez, an email with an infected file arrived in his email box on January 19th. Soon after, he noticed that his cryptocurrencies were gone.

Scam applied by instagram

Still according to Chavez, who is a digital artist, the scammers stole all the tokens and NFTs that were in a MetaMask on-chain wallet.

The artist revealed that he would have been contacted by a person who supposedly wanted to hire his services, by message on the social network Instagram. Despite being suspicious about the account, Chavez decided to ignore the fact that the account was only followed by bots.

The supposed client would then have ordered art that would be the cover of a song. Finally, the client asked Chavez to email him all the details of the quote.

From there, the hacker then managed to send the infected file to Chaves, who didn’t notice that the file extension was .exe instead of .pdf, as usual. By opening the file, the hacker was able to control the artist’s browser and transfer all coins and NFTs.


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