Ripple, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, published a job posting looking for a specialist in Digital Central Bank Coins (CBDC).

The publication was made on the recruitment portal, which offers a vacancy for Director of Alliances with Central Banks.

According to the announcement, the future employee will be charged with promoting initiatives that lead banks to issue their own national digital currencies.

The idea is to advise banks in this regard. At the same time, Ripple plans to promote its platform for instant wire transfers, the XRP Ledger.

“The mission of RippleX (development team) is to inspire and empower the community of developers and institutions affiliated with XRP, so that they can collectively build the Internet of Value (IoV), which allows us to transfer value as fast as information moves today”, says the announcement.

Ripple and CBDC

Ripple's goal is to be the base platform for issuing CBDCs worldwide. For this, it seeks a professional who has strong leadership skills.

Thus, the director will be responsible for the development of business, marketing and regulatory strategies.

“Good relations must be established with central banks, regulators, technological allies and other institutions. Manage projects from start to finish and manage the necessary resources ”, highlights the announcement.

In addition, the ad emphasizes that the candidate must have effective communication. That's because it will educate customers about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and CBDC:

“This educational work involves being a regular speaker at conferences, offering statements to the press, publishing on the web and on social media.”

Although many companies specializing in cryptocurrencies have long wanted to develop projects aimed at the banking sector, it is recent that central banks are focused on this sector to issue their own digital currencies.

And Ripple is aware of this new trend.

In this sense, the company recently published a document in which it related the CBDCs to Ripple. At the same time, it emphasized interoperability as an ideal requirement for central banks around the world.

The publication cites RippleNet as an answer to this need.

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