Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in Brazil and gaining more space in debates, proposals and developments.

Proof of this is that the research group Taxation and New Technologies of the Tax Law Nucleus (NDT) of the Professional Master’s Degree at FGV Direito SP announced a debate on the regulation and taxation of cryptoactives.

The free online event will be held on November 26th at 10am.

As disclosed by FGV, the debate will address the status of cryptocurrencies in Brazil and the proposed regulation of this market.

To discuss the matter, FGV invited Courtnay Guimarães, director of Avanade’s Digital Business Advisoring practice. He is also chief blockchain scientist, researcher and doctoral candidate at Cesar School. The other guest is Paloma Sevilla, Head of Business at Bitrust Custody.

The debates will be led by Dayana Uhdre, author of the book “Blockchain, tokens and cryptocurrencies: legal analysis” (Editora Almedina), attorney for the State of Paraná.

In addition, Daniel de Paiva Gomes, author of the book “Bitcoin: the taxation of cryptocurrencies” (Thomson Reuters – Editora Revista dos Tribunais) will also participate in the debate. Gomes also coordinates the Taxation of Cryptoactives subgroup of the Taxation of New Technologies study group of the Tax Law Nucleus of the Professional Master’s Degree at FGV Direito SP.

Juliana Facklmann, head of Regulation and Product Design at 2TM, will also be in the debate.

Also, Daniela Lara will participate. She has a Master’s in Tax Law from FGV and academic coordinator of the Taxation and New Technologies group at NDT,

Finally, the moderation will be by Tathiane Piscitelli, professor and coordinator of the Taxation and New Technologies group.

Debate on cryptocurrencies

The webinar aims to discuss the main features of the technology. At the same time, it aims to understand the regulatory challenges and tax impacts faced by the public and private sector in operations.

Those interested in participating must subscribe to this link. After registering, they will receive the event link by email.

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