Organized by artbag -the blockchain and NFT solutions company- and the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, the work “Machine Hallucinations: coral” ,  by  Refik Anadol , the most influential digital artist in the world, will be presented for the first time and for free in Latin America. The event, with the support of Borderless Capital and Ripio, will take place on October 3 at the Teatro Colón as part of the  artbag Buenos Aires Experience  as part of  Art Week . The work NFT by the Turkish-American artist is made up of a succession of 1,742,772 digitally intervened images of choirs that this time will be accompanied by the Superior Academic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón as part of its staging, offering the public an immersive experience . Under the direction of Maestro Pablo Bocchimuzzi, you can enjoy a selection of musical pieces that seek to open a timeless and interdisciplinary dialogue between great master composers of the 20th century. The choice of these pieces reflects the innovative and avant-garde spirit of the proposal, the interactive link between the different disciplines and the marking of a break for the different times in which they were composed. Tickets to live “Artbag Buenos Aires Experience” will be free, can be purchased through Boti  (1150500147) from Tuesday 09/27 with a maximum of two tickets per person, also through artbag social networks and through from the Featured section   of the website In addition, the days after the event, Refik’s work can be enjoyed in a public space in the City of Buenos Aires (which will soon be unveiled) so that everyone can experience a large-scale, immersive NFT work of art live.

A work that sets records

“Machine Hallucinations: Coral ”  is one of the most important works in the history of digital art. At the crossroads between art, science and technology, this three-dimensional work presented for the first time on the beach at the Faena Hotel during Art Basel Week 2021, in Miami, combines data science, digital painting, audio, performance and immersive installation. It is the result of ongoing research on the aesthetics of information, based on the collective visual memory of the urban and natural environment. Refik Anadol and his team collected 300 million data points focused on nature themes, used 1,742,772 coral images from publicly available social media platforms, and processed them with machine learning classification models. As the mind-machine begins to make its own connections between data points and “hallucinates” about alternative coral shapes and colors, the data universe expands into a dormant cosmos in which fluid dynamics become the main inspiration of Anadol’s artistic creativity. “Machine Hallucinations: Coral  represents the work carried out by  TheReefLine organization  that tries to protect all species of coral reefs around the world. In addition, it is the first work of the artist created on the Algorand blockchain, which has a negative carbon emission. Under the organization of artbag and the Ministry of Culture of the City in collaboration with Borderless Capital and Ripio, the “Artbag Buenos Aires Experience” will take place at the Teatro Colón. In addition, this action is supported by Agrotoken, Algorand, Koibanx, Travel X, Artlab, Decentraland and Aorist. “We are very excited to be able to support artbag and the City Government in this immersive and unique experience that begins at the Teatro Colón. The City of Buenos Aires is the epicenter of digital innovation and the capital of art at the same time, it is That is why we cannot think of a better place to exhibit the masterpiece of an artist as prestigious as Refik,” said  David GarcíaCEO of the  Borderless Capital investment fund , collector of Refik’s work and main sponsor of the event. “Being part of this historic event and collaborating with artbag, City Government and Borderless so that the public can enjoy the most influential digital artist in the world is an honor for us. At  Ripio  we have the mission of being the gateway to the crypto world, and without a doubt this experience reflects exactly that. In our essence is the vision that Blockchain technology brings alternatives and innovative tools to all people, expanding the possibilities of inclusion. Therefore, we are very excited to support this unique action in Latam”,  Sebastián Serrano, CEO and co-founder of Ripio .

An artist who combines technology and art

Refik Anadol, born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1985, is one of the world’s leading digital artists. His research focuses on discovering and developing innovative approaches related to data collection and artificial intelligence. His generative work highlights, through new media, the relationship of the human being with the environment, ecology and the society that surrounds us. Anadol’s body of work addresses the challenges and possibilities that computing has imposed on humanity and what it means to be human in the age of AI. Learn more at

About the “Artbag Buenos Aires Experience”

It is the first of a program of artistic interventions that seeks to turn the city into a canvas. It proposes a program that seeks to escape the common places and occupy the public space, the street, the daily life of people. It is about surprising the public, showing that art surrounds us, configures us and lives among us at all times and places. Digital art gives us the opportunity to bring culture closer to people, it allows us to create a new audience and show the most innovative creations. As a first stop, the Teatro Colón in the City of Buenos Aires within the framework of the Art Week and in mid-October in the public space, will be the stage for one of the most important artists in the world: Refik Anadol. “Argentina was declared the world artistic capital, and in turn is having a leading role within the international crypto system, this reason prompted us to create an experience that combines the artistic axis with the technological. In this way, we seek to mark a milestone with an unprecedented and joint action between the private and public sectors”,  explains Pablo De Sousa, Chief Art Director and co-founder of artbag. “With this experience we seek to bring digital art closer to people, and we give ourselves the luxury of doing so with the imposing scale of Refik’s work. We want people to have access to new technologies and live with new artistic possibilities, that’s why we seek bringing art to the street, thus uniting the physical world with the digital through art and NFTs. At this point, working together with the public sector is key. In the future, artbag will seek to replicate this type of action in different cities in Latin America” ,  explains Martín Gonzalez, CEO and co-founder of artbag. About Art Week The Art Week is a platform of the Ministry of Culture of the City that this year is carried out in collaboration with the Medifé Foundation. Its objective is to promote local contemporary artists and promote public art as a way of rediscovering the City. The winning works of the call will have a crucial articulation with the community environments of each location. In this way, they will deepen their role in public space and, together with the institutions associated with the Art Week, they will create a great  program  to enjoy in the different neighborhoods of the City, where contemporary art will be the protagonist. More information through the  web  and social networks with the hashtag #SemanadelArte22 #SDA22. About art bag It is a blockchain technology company that offers tools designed especially for art and culture. It seeks to unite the world of art with the technological forefront, creating value for the entire artistic community. We dream of a world where art is synonymous with well-being and where everyone has access.


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