After a partnership between the TRON and the rewards platform for gamers Refereum, The TRX it's the BitTorrent Token (BTT) have been integrated, providing a means for avid players to earn rewards for watching their favorite streamers.

Bored players living in quarantine are being asked to open loot boxes and earn tokens TRX and other awards.

With more than a third of the world quarantined, citizens are motivated to find ways to spend their time, and video games have seen a corresponding increase in popularity.

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TRON Preaches His Gamers Credentials to the Mast

The partnership TRON with Refereum further cement the cryptocurrency gamer credentials of Justin Sun.

Last year, TRON acquired the video streaming platform DLive and has since doubled its entertainment strategy by acquiring the blog network Steemit.

DLive Game Streaming Platform

TRX, which already sees significant traction in the gaming and betting dApp community, is permeating the gaming industry on every platform.

Refereum, in turn, already has close ties with DLive, with which it partnered in November, handing out tokenized rewards for 6 million users.

Following the integration of TRX and BTT on April 2, Refereum CEO Dylan Jones said:

“It is our hope that, through this partnership with TRON and DLive, we can make time at home more interesting for millions of people by offering rewards for watching games on livestreams.”

Bringing people together while practicing Social Distancing

Although the world has adapted to the concept of social detachment and prolonged quarantine, its effects have increased the feeling of isolation in vulnerable people, especially those who live alone.

Live broadcast events took off as a means of reducing the sense of seclusion and increasing social cohesion.

DJs have live broadcasts, coaches broadcast exercises and video games follow the same example on networks like Twitch and DLive.

Game fans who sign up for Refereum and watch DLive streamers this month, retweeting certain content, will receive prizes and loot crates containing TRX and game codes.

$ 1,000 in RFR tokens and 1,000 DLive Lemons are available to fans, giving players an added incentive to watch their favorite streamers show off their skills and entertain the millions who are stuck at home.

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