QR Asset Management, asset manager of the holding QR Capital, launched this Wednesday (24) an education platform. The aim is to offer educational content to investors.

As a repository for articles, videos and references on the cryptoactive and blockchain sector, the page brings together in one place multiple information for those who are starting to break into the crypto market or want to go deeper into the subject.

As informed by QR, the platform will be constantly updated. It can be accessed through this link, completely free of charge.

The page is made up of a library, in which investment theses and even original transcripts of emails sent by Satoshi Nakamoto in the early days of Bitcoin are gathered.

In addition, there is a video library with didactic explanations, lectures and panels presented by market experts. Finally, the platform has a timeline that traces BTC’s prehistory and industry milestones.

Investors can also access the course “How to invest in Crypto on the stock exchange”, held in partnership with B3. With more than 16 thousand students, the course remains available, is free and offers a certificate signed by the scholarship.

About QR

QR recently reached the milestone of R$1 billion in assets under management in its funds with exposure to cryptocurrencies.

The manager is responsible for the first 100% crypto fund for qualified investors; the first 100% Bitcoin fund; the first DeFi fund and the first BTC and Ethereum (ETH) ETFs in Latin America.

According to Alexandre Ludolf, investment director at the manager, the R$ 1 billion milestone was important for the company and for the market. After all, it shows investors’ acceptance of the new asset class and the evolution of the Brazilian crypto market.

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