Not even Thiago Nigro, the famous Primo Rico, escaped the mea culpa caused by the new bitcoin rally. In a Twitter post made on Thursday (03), he writes that his biggest mistakes and successes as an investor were related to cryptocurrency.

“My biggest investment hit: Buy BTC in 2014. My biggest investment mistake: Sell BTC in 2014”, he wrote.

Below, he posted a photo with an email from the Bitcointoyou brokerage that confirmed the execution of the order – it is not known whether to sell or buy or the quantity.

As of the email date, September 1, 2014, bitcoin was worth about $ 600. In the entire year, it ranged from $ 900 to $ 250. Therefore, from the data presented, it is not possible to infer whether Thiago Nigro had profit or loss in the operation.

Asked by the report on his post timeline about whether it was a purchase or sale order, Primo Rico did not comment on the case until the publication of this report.


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