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Polygon’s Polygon ID digital identity solution is now available on the Ethereum blockchain thanks to the Rarimo interoperability protocol.

The announcement, made this week, expands the possibilities of using Polygon ID, transforming the network into a verifiable credentials infrastructure available on several blockchains. Prior to the collaboration with Rarimo, the use of the Polygon ID was limited to the Polygon blockchain.

“If you issued your credential on Polygon, it would not be possible to use it on Ethereum. Instead, you would have to issue a new Ethereum-native credential,” explained Rarimo in a statement.

Now, with the addition of Ethereum, credentials issued on Polygon will be available on other networks such as BNB Chain and Avalanche in the coming weeks. According to Rarimo, the scalability of the protocol is unlimited, allowing the addition of a series of other blockchains over time.

Polygon ID

Announced in March 2022, Polygon ID became open source in March of this year. The solution uses zero-knowledge proofs, allowing users to prove their identity without the need to reveal their private information to third parties.

According to the developers, this feature guarantees a high level of privacy and security during identity verification processes.

Zero-knowledge proofs are a crucial component in the move towards decentralized identity, a global market that, according to MarketsandMarkets, is expected to grow to $6.8 billion by 2027.

On Web2, the identity of individuals is controlled by big companies like Meta and Google. The aim of decentralized identity is to reverse this logic. Control of when and where to share data would be transferred from companies to users, who would become the holders of their own data, providing it only upon request.

Polygon is just one of many players investing in this new identity perspective. Companies such as Disco, SpruceID, Iden3, Ceramic and the Ethereum Foundation are also exploring solutions in this regard, signaling a promising future for decentralization and the security of digital identities.

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