The digital and fintech payment wallet PicPay has been receiving the largest number of complaints in its history on the consumer protection website Reclame Aqui. In the last six months, the total sum of customer reviews was 79,625 – one every three minutes.

The numbers are six times higher than in the entire year 2019. As a consequence, the score on the platform dropped from 8.5 (good) to 6.4 (regular) in two years.

There are already more than 33 thousand unanswered users. In the last 24 hours alone, there were more than 700 new posts to report problems at fintech.

The situation is the other side of the expansion of the customer base during the pandemic, in which the company gained 18 million users in a few months and reached 30 million in total. Fintech also closed an agreement with the government of São Paulo to distribute the lunch allowance and with the city of Duque de Caxias, in Rio de Janeiro.

According to recent figures, service problems have increased considerably compared to the last survey carried out by Bitcoin Portal in the beginning of the year. Until March, PicPay had an average of 60 complaints per day. In April, it went to 266 – at that time, a 350% growth.

According to the records at Reclame Aqui, customers complain about the lack of adequate support on the PicPay website, at ‘0800’ and on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Many of them refer to the delay in processing payments.

Users on Claim Here

The complaints are diverse: ranging from the delay in answering the phone to reports of the disappearance of money.

A user from Curitiba (PR), for example, after two weeks trying to solve his problem in the PicPay hotlines, used Reclame Aqui as a resource:

“I have been trying to contact you to correct a payment made (for the wrong account) and there is no chat or line of conversation. Absurd. I've been trying for two weeks now. Be careful with payments by PicPay, you will not have a user support channel ”.

Another user, from Santos (SP), who claims that the money is missing, also used the platform. As he recorded at the time – Thursday too – more than 24 hours had passed without being able to contact PicPay support.

Mateus Leme, from Minas Gerais, reinforced:

“I have already tried contacting Fale Conosco on the PicPay app, but nobody has the luxury of answering and PicPay does not have a SAC phone that we can call. I am waiting for a solution ”.

Through fintech's social networks, similar complaints are repeated in the comment boxes.

PicPay problems

According to the author of the book “O Fênecheno Fintech”, Bruno Diniz, the company made a move to popularize the product to increase the customer base, which was initially formed by young people connected with technology.

“Growth brings with it inherent pain. The investment in media at BBB and the acquisition of clients via emergency aid also brought an audience with a lower financial education ”, he said.

For Diniz, the part of the technology backend seems to have choked on growth and this has created a problem in the consumer experience.

“The company was disfigured, without a very specific target audience. Of course, they have become a major player in the market, but the reputation is relevant. Otherwise, you are no longer a beloved brand and become another one ”.

Sought, the company did not respond until the publication of this report.

* Cláudio Goldberg Rabin collaborated


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