The cryptocurrency trader known as Pentoshi, who hit Bitcoin's downfall in 2018, said there is just one more key level to be breached by the BTC before it becomes "unstoppable".

To his 212,000 Twitter followers, the trader said that if Bitcoin breaks $48,000, nothing will stop new records from being reached.

According to Pentoshi, if that happens, Bitcoin should start a new high cycle capable of pushing the price beyond $64,000.

“Above $48,000, I don't think anything stops this train. It is the last level structurally that can constitute a lower rally in the macro. From $45,000 to $48,000 there is very strong resistance due to the time we allot above it. We'll probably see $40,600 again before any real [escape].”

So, from a deal with the trader, all eyes are on $48,000.

Ethereum Price

As for Ethereum, Pentoshi believe that the world's second-largest cryptocurrency by market value will prepare for a bullish boom of around $2,700.

“A good area for a higher low is marked on the chart. This is the first area I will buy in person. I would like to confirm the structure of the market now that we have higher rallies, with this tracking in the range of inverted highs to support higher lows,” he said.

Ethereum chart

Furthermore, the trader went even further. He affirmed that Ethereum will eventually outperform Bitcoin, surpassing its market value. At the same time, Pentoshi cited some key catalysts for this.

“ETH will pass the BTC. I will keep this point of view. With everything that goes on in this space, this is increasingly evident. The arrival of PoS [Proof of Participation] will further reduce inflation. The emission will drop 90%”, he concluded.

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