Combating false news (fake news) just won reinforcement of the NFTs branch.

Professionals are teaming up to enter the growing market for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and boost their performance.

More precisely, a group fact-checkers (name given to those who fight fake news) from four continents came together to launch a platform for buying and selling historical checks in the form of NFTs.

The announcement was made on Friday (2), International Fact-Checking Day.

FACTS-NFT will have 20 historical checks

According to a statement sent to CriptoFácil, the first set of NFTs will be called FACTS-NFT. The collection will offer more than 20 historical checks produced around the world.

The initiative is a partnership between Agência Lupa (Brazil), Lead Stories (United States), Newtral (Spain) and Taiwan FactCheck Center (Taiwan).

“FACTS-NFT has negotiated more than 20 checks that have been carefully extracted from the archives of these four organizations. They deal with diverse subjects, such as politics, health, environment and celebrities ”, says the statement.

Checkers want to reach new audience with NFTs

As stated in the material sent to the press, the objective of this group of fact-checkers is to reach a new audience and engage people on that front.

In addition, the entry into the cryptocurrency market is an attempt to leverage a new financing model and joint action to fight against disinformation.

Each check of the first FACTS-NFT collection will be negotiated from 0.05 ETH. That is, about R $ 560 in the quotation in reais.

To purchase any of the non-fungible tokens, simply go to the facts-nft website and follow the step by step.

After purchase, the holder will receive the token as well as exclusive material about his production (behind the scenes, comments).

Still, it is possible to save the NFT as a collectible item, donate it or resell it in the cryptocurrency market.

“The market created by FACTS-NFT is a new and exciting way to financially support the work of fact checkers, becoming a public patron or collector of one or more historical and noteworthy checks. ”

Finally, the statement emphasizes that the action will not influence the editorial process or the policies of the organizations involved.

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