Banrisul has 903 adhesions to the POS

The Voluntary Termination Program (PDV) of the Banrisul (BRSR6) it was finished. In addition, the bank reported that it had a record number of adhesions to the program, of 903 employees. Thus, Banrisul will take measures to implement the terminations.

Can JSL buy the Post Office?

After a recent capitalization, the JSL (JSLG3) said that it is "always willing to evaluate market alternatives" that may have synergies with its businesses. The pronouncement refers to a possible candidacy of the company in the acquisition of Correios. According to Ágora Investimentos, this is good for the Simpar (SIMH3), owner of JSL.

Linx comments on Valor Econômico news

According to the Linx (LINX3), in response to an article published by Valor Econômico, its founding shareholders are prevented from voting at the company's meeting.

Totvs advances disclosure of results

Through a notice to the market, the Totvs (TOTS3) announced that it will anticipate the release of its third quarter results. Therefore, the date changes from November 11th to October 29th.

BRF will raise another US $ 300 million with notes

THE BRF (BRFS3) informed that it priced an offer abroad worth US $ 300 million in senior notes. Therefore, it will be the second fundraising by notes that the company makes, the last one being on September 21st. According to BRF, the bonds will yield 5.750% a.a. being paid semi-annually. The company will use the funds for corporate purposes, which may include the payment of specific debts.

Direcional will pay dividends of R $ 120 million

According to a notice to shareholders, the Directional (DIRR3) will pay its shareholders R $ 120 million in dividends. The base date for the shareholding position is October 9, 2020.

Energisa obtain license for installation of 2 lines

THE Energisa (ENGI11) informed that it obtained a license from the Nature of Tocantins Institute to implement 2 transmission lines. Therefore, such implantation represents a growth of 701 km of transmission line in the state. In addition, the company pointed out that the project will represent a RAP in the order of R $ 66 million.

Pharmacies may do clinical examinations

After being authorized to perform rapid tests for the coronavirus, pharmacies are now seeking approval for laboratory tests. However, this would already be a very big step. Anvisa, on the other hand, has already started a public consultation to propose a change in the 2005 resolution on the subject.

According to the former Sanvista director of Anvisa and now a professor at USP, Gonzalo Vecina Neto, “a place where medicine is sold cannot prescribe medicine”.

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