As of Friday, the US NASDAQ stock index fell more than 270 points, fluctuating to approximately 8,570 points (17h55), followed by news that Washington-based companies are having employees infected with the coronavirus.

The main affected companies in the Seattle region are Amazon (-2.62%), Microsoft (-2.51%) and Starbucks (-4.37%). Second live GeekWire report, employees of these and other companies, like Google and Facebook, they closed offices to apply “work at a distance”.

Fluctuations in the NASDAQ Index over the past month. SOURCE: NASDAQ Market Activity

In addition, almost all of the companies cited had at least one case of employees who tested positive for the virus, according to GeekWire. Many of the companies that have adopted the work-at-home solution will also eventually pay employees normally.

In addition, the seriousness of the situation must be pointed out, specifically in Seattle: approximately 29% of those infected with coronavirus died in cases in the region, a mortality rate far above normal when compared to the rest of the world, which further threatens NASDAQ.

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