Litecoin's (LTC) price comes from a strong bullish moment. With a 2.3% appreciation in the last 24 hours, it has already appreciated 23.9% just this week.

Because of this movement, there are already analyzes that predict the price of cryptocurrency above R $ 2 thousand. One of them was released by the exchange market Bitcoin on Wednesday (17).

In his analysis, made by trader Thales Inada, LTC appears to be quoted “between R $ 1,900 and R $ 2,000”. This represents an upside of almost 40% in relation to its current price (R $ 1,248).

Records close to being broken

The analysis also highlights the differences in LTC price records in reais and in dollars. In the US currency, the LTC's historical record is $ 375.

Therefore, it is still a little far from the current price, which is US $ 229. However, in reais it has already exceeded its historical maximum, which was R $ 1,121 in December 2017.

Taking into account the current dollar quotation, Litecoin would reach R $ 2 thousand if it reached US $ 350. Thus, the maximum in dollars would be equivalent to R $ 2,025.

However, Inada warns that it will be necessary to overcome strong resistance before that. And the resistance in question is at $ 250, just above the current value.

"Now we have found a new resistance, around US $ 220. If we manage to overcome it, we can even test its historical maximum around US $ 350. But we can have some intermediate resistance around US $ 250," he explained.

LTC price in LTC / BRL pair. Source: Bitcoin Market

Strong bullish signals

Another trader who analyzed LTC was “AlexCryptoPortugal”, who published his view on TradingView. For him, there are strong bullish signals, especially in the LTC / BTC pair.

He also cites LTC's daily trading volume, which has grown more than the price of cryptocurrency. The Relative Strength Index (RSI), another important indicator, is indicating a moment of strong rise.

However, it did not present an exact figure that LTC can achieve in the future. But fundamentalist indicators seem to indicate strong gains in 2021.

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